Live Nativity 

I am in charge of our church/community Live Nativity each year.  I absolutely love doing it.  It really starts my Christmas season off right.  We have about 3500 people come to enjoy the outside Nativity and then go inside our building next to the beautiful temple to listen to local musical performers and see a crèche festival with over 200 small nativities.  The crowning jewel is a larger than life sized sculpture of the Holy Family that was sculpted by a famous local artist, Justin Fairbanks.Each year I have three different casts, one for each night.  Here are two of our Mary and Joseph’s from this year.  The bottom picture is of my son and his beautiful wife:)

I asked a few talented ladies to hep me sew costumes.  Here is a picture of a few of our shepherds and our wise men.I made the angel costumes.  Those sleeves were tricky, especially since I didn’t have a pattern.  I like how they turned out though.  Each costume is kind of a one size fits all.  When they dance, the sleeves really flow and look elegant.

It has been a SWEET Christmas season for me already.  It all started with going to Israel back in October.  What a great year!!  My life is truly blessed:)!  I recognize the Hand of God so near me every day.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.   Merry Christmas to you!

4 thoughts on “Live Nativity 

  1. I loved seeing this. You all did a wonderful job on costumes! It confirmed my suspicion after I saw where your son’s reception was. Which temple? Mesa is my favorite, and maybe some day I’ll get to come home. =)

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    1. You are from AZ? What part? I had two sons get married this year:). One in the Mesa Temple and one in the Ogden Temple. Great days:)! I’m glad you liked the costumes. They were so fun to make. The whole program is really spectacular. It is a real community unifier. This was my 4th year to be in charge. I just love it. — I’m glad we are kindred spirits!


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