Scrap-Happy March–Maple Leaf Rag Quilt

It’s that Scrap Happy time again:). I always look forward to linking up with Kate and Gun on their monthly Scrap Happy challenge.  I love to see how everyone is using their scraps and making beautiful things.

I really feel Scrap happy today because my Maple Leaf Rag quilt is FINALLY feeling like I might have it under control. The last time I posted about my progress it was a five steps backward day.  But that day of preparation has set the groundwork for the rest of the quilt.  Yea!!

I opened my Maple Leaf Rag scrap box, and there were my nice and orderly 1.5″ strips that were all cut to the right length this time.

It was a breeze to sew them into strip groups of six.  I just listened to a book a cranked these puppies out:)

A quick press at the ironing board, and I had 10 long, beautiful strips in no time. I hope that will be enough, but I can always sew more if needed.

I was able to get two full sets of 8 triangles from each strip.  I cut one direction, and then flipped my wedge ruler and cut the other.   Easy!

I have enough for 22 webs.  Next month I will work on the crazy patches so I can start sewing them all together.  I just love it!

This quilt is going to be SWEET!  Thank you Kate for giving me a deadline each month to keep the project going:)

4 thoughts on “Scrap-Happy March–Maple Leaf Rag Quilt

  1. Yes, it is! What a great way to use those strips. I have a box of all different colors that I am not sure how to use, and this could be the answer. Thanks!

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