I have been trimming and trimming and trimming all day, my hands hurt!  You would think it would be just the rotary cutter hand, but even the ruler hand is hurting.

Okay, maybe I sound a bit whiney, or probably a lot bit whiney, but hey, I made 350 flying geese today!   My eyes are blurry and my head is kind of fuzzy.  I only kept working because I didn’t want to do them tomorrow.If I would have just used the stitch and flip method, I could have saved hours of time not to mention my hands!  But no…I  decided to use my Wing Clipper ruler because there is very little waste with this method, and I am at the bottom of my fabrics.

I really do like this ruler.  It makes perfect flying geese.  You get 4 flying geese out of each square.  It gives the cutting measurements and the trimming guides.  They start by looking like hearts.  These will be two geese.

It was easy to sew the square down 1/4″ from the center on both sides using my Lori Holt seam measuring flower marker.  But it is easy and accurate to mark the lines as well.

Then the handy ruler gives the trim guides.  I put the valley in the v lines of the ruler on the 3.5″ marks.  Then I turned the block over to the mountain side and lined it up and trimmed again

And voila! The perfect flying geese block.  Gorgeous!  It’s funny how these kind of appear out of nothing..  They take more time than the stitch and flip, but there are only  little slivers of waste here.

So… yea!  I am excited to have these geese ready for the border of my Splendid Sampler.  The pain is worth it:). They look great!  

I hope your quilting adventures are SWEET and happy …. without any rotary cutting pain:)  Lol!

9 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. A classic example of TANSTAAFL (There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch). You saved fabric but wore out your poor hands. I prescribe a nice treatment with warmed coconut oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil in it. It sounds like your hands need some TLC… And yes, those flying geese are GREAT!


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