Wedding Cake Blues

This isn’t really a sad or “blue” cake, it is  a beautiful, happy, blue cake.  It wasn’t a full tiered wedding cake though,  it was only a topper for a cupcake stand.  The cupcakes arrived late, so I wasn’t able to get pictures of the entire display. So maybe it was a little “blue” after all…

  I was able to snap a few pictures of the beautiful blue roses though.  My friend asked me if I would make the cake topper a few months ago.  I of course said yes.  I got out my cake decorating apron and the ingredients and then realized I didn’t even know the colors!I quickly called and was told, Tiffany Blue.  Ooohh,  pretty!!  I immediately started making roses.  Aren’t they pretty?

The cake was a soft white cake with a lemon curd filling.  My husband just went on and on about how good it tasted:). He is so SWEET!

It is always a happy day when I get to make a cake, and this was no exception:)

Thank you for dropping by!

19 thoughts on “Wedding Cake Blues

  1. Gorgeous! I’m usually proud of myself when I can just pipe stars on the edge of the cake that don’t fall off! I’m sure the bride was thrilled with this cake! 😀

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      1. Good morning Tracy! Are you making blueberry muffins this morning? I just wanted to check because I’m writing a muffin post and would absolutely freak out if you made muffins too!! LOL 😀

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      2. That would be hilarious! I wish I could, it is fast Sunday at our house today, so please please post about your delicious muffins! But next time, I think it is oils be fun to pick a food in advance and “cook together” either with the same recipe or just see how the same food in different recipes turn out….you’ve got me thinking:)!

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