Rockin’ the Long Time Gone SAL – Jacob’s Ladder

I can’t believe another week has gone by!  I am just in LOVE with this quilt! Every new section has made me smile:)

I am joining Gnome Angel in this Sew-along Quilt-along.  The pattern is the Long Time Gone quilt by the absolutely amazing Jen Kingwell.  You can grab a pattern here or on amazon if you want to join in on the fun!

This week’s section was the Jacob’s Ladder block. It is just so so cute!

It was a very easy block to make.  I cut the fabrics for each block and set them out on my preview board.

I then placed the two small blocks on the larger block of each color and sewed down the center in the stitch and flip method,

I know a lot of people trim the extra away on the back, but I just flip, press, and go.  I sewed up the little four patches and then laid the blocks out again on my handy preview board.

I like to sew each row and each block seperatly so I don’t get lost.  The blocks turned out fantastic!

Then I just had to sew them together in three rows of three.  Easy!

As you can see, I really am enjoying this sew along.  Why don’t you join us? It is SWEET!

7 thoughts on “Rockin’ the Long Time Gone SAL – Jacob’s Ladder

  1. After I finish my second Gypsy Wife, I will begin my Long Time Gone. Tell me about your “preview Board”. Do you hand it on the wall or keep it flat? Is it batting for fabric to stick to?

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    1. Hi Karen! We are on opposite ends— I am getting ready to start my gypsy wife:). My preview board is a 14” cardboard square that I covered with cotton batting and sewed binding around the edges. The batting grabs stray threads but is fabulous for keeping the block pieces from moving around as I move them from the cutting table to the sewing machine. I have even braved the pieces from the cutting board, Car, and then my quilting class. They stayed nice and tight. Love it❤️❤️ maybe I will do a post on it tomorrow. Thank you for asking and dropping by today:)😊


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