It’s an Early “Scrap-Happy” Day! 

The months just seem to fly by!  Here it is, April Scrap-Happy time again.  I need to post this project a day early because tomorrow is the 2nd Saturday of the month, and I will be hosting the Fantastic Bake Along.  Blueberry muffins, Yumm!!

But I really am so glad for this little Scrap Happy nudge from Kate @Tall Tales From Chiconia to help me get a few stitches in on my Maple Leaf Rag Quilt.  

Really, this quilt would just sit in the box for who knows how long if it wasn’t for this fantastic link party:). 

Now before I get ahead of myself, I am making the Maple Leaf Rag Quilt from the book “Material Obsession 2” 

I love so many of the patterns in this book.  They are not so simple that they can be done in a day or two.  They take sweet time and become a part of your life.  A good quilt is like that.

Well, enough already!  Here is my scrappy report–  last month I worked on the kaleidoscopes and was able to knock out quite a few of them.  I do believe I need to make more though. 

This month I worked on the crazy fabric.  When I say crazy fabric, I mean you just add little scrap pieces in any crazy way at all to make a large crazy piece of fabric.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself…. you start with a bunch of scrapsI like to cut odd shapes from 2-3″ in wacky anglesI piece them together or use left over cut strips and re-sew them back together in any wonky way that they fit.  If I get too many straight lines going, I cut the crazy fabric and start adding new pieces.  

It is a crazy, somewhat messy way to sew, but when you get a fairly large fabric piece, it will look like this

Fun!  Next I made a template from the book out of thick clear plastic, but I wish it was acrylic.  Oh well, it’s tricky, but it works.

I cut a stack of these , but still need more. Small steps, small steps.

I used my less than quality scrap fabric as a foundation by tracing the template and then sewing the crazy fabric to the foundation 

I’m definitely in deep with no light at the end of the tunnel yet.  It’s going to be a while:). Here is what the kaliedescopes look like when things get pieced together.  

Do you see how the crazy fabric blocks all go together?

Now that is what I call “Scrap-Happy!”

10 thoughts on “It’s an Early “Scrap-Happy” Day! 

  1. This is such a great idea for gobbling up scraps, and it’s going to be a magnificent quilt! I’m going to update your link to this post, otherwise everyone will be clicking across and wondering why it’s muffins 🙂


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