Fantastic Bake Along- Celebrating the Apple!

A few weeks back, Connie @Connie’s Creations shared her Apple Sauce Cake on her blog.

Connie’s picture of her Applesauce Cake

It looked so yummy that she totally inspired me to think about Fall treats and the delicious taste and smell of apples cooking in the kitchen. I thought that with Thanksgiving right around the corner here in the States, it might be fun to share our favorite APPLE recipe this month. Who knows? There may be one or two new recipes we might want to add to our Thanksgiving feast!

Choose your favorite recipe or give Connie’s delicious Apple Sauce Cake a try, and post about it this coming Saturday. Doesn’t that sound fun?!

We would love to have YOU join in the fun too. Here is how:

My family has an award winning Crusty Topped Apple Pie that will be baking in my kitchen this week. They will be so happy! We call that Pre-Thanksgiving Pie❤️❤️

Here is a list of the bakers who have joined in the past or said they would like to Bake Along with us this month:

I really do hope you will join us in this month’s Fantastic Bake Along. It is going to be SWEET!

32 thoughts on “Fantastic Bake Along- Celebrating the Apple!

  1. Tracy, Just the photo of the apples looks yummy. I just may have to try this recipe sometime. Lucky me I don’t have to make the desserts for this years thanksgiving dinner. 🙂

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  2. Ooohhh…I will definitely bake the Applesauce Cake 😍 It looks soooo amazingly delicious! Perfect timing too, Tracy…I have a bag of apples that need to go or be something 😜 I’m looking forward to baking with you all 🤗


  3. Hi Tracy!! I’m super excited for this bake along but I’m not posting until later in the week because my Ode to the Apple is going to be an Apple Cheesecake that I’m making for Thanksgiving!! 😀 😀 😀

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