Light the World

This past week has been a week of Serving others and giving of time and talents to the community and to my loved ones. My heart is full❤️❤️

Nativity– Each year, the week after a Thanksgiving, I am blessed to be in charge of our church and community Live Nativity and Crèche Festival.

We enjoyed lovely weather and had over 3000 people attend.

The inside crèche festival was supported with over 200 Nativity displays and 600 drawings from local children.

We also had musical performances from local choirs and soloists. I feel so blessed to be a part of this event.


I have also had the opportunity to quilt for the children of a dear friend who passed away last year. He left a beautiful wife and six young adult children behind.

My sewing friend, Lisa, gathered his shirts and made seven lap quilts! One for each of them:). I volunteered to quilt them on my long arm machine.

Lisa embroidered a name on each quilt to keep them from getting confused as to whose quilt is whose. What a great idea!:)

It has been a wonderful experience quilting and thinking of him and his family. The memories came flooding back as I looked at those shirts and thought of him❤️

Light the World– There are so many ways we can serve others everyday of the year, but I find it especially SWEET to focus on daily acts of service during the Christmas Season. If you are looking for service inspiration, please check out Light the World online. If we all take a moment of time each day this holiday season to give of our time and talents, we truly can LIGHT THE WORLD.

23 thoughts on “Light the World

    1. Hi Brenda:). I thought about showing the whole quilt, but his name and place of work were on most of the shirts, so I opted to just take a picture if them folded. I’m sure you understand. The squares are about 8” x 8” and there is a 3”. Sashing in between😊


  1. Lovely, what an inspiring turnout for the live nativity. Just wow! I can’t say we have ever had one in my area so I never dreamt there could be such a large crowd. Bless you for giving.

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  2. What a wonderful keepsake those quilts will be for his children. Near the town where I grew up there is a church that is famous for its live nativity every year. I have never had the opportunity to go, but my cousin has and she said it was amazing.

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  3. Hi Tracy,
    What a wonderful post! I’ve always loved the live nativity scenes but rarely see them any longer. How wonderful that you were able to quilt those lap quilts for your friend’s family. I know they will love them and cherish the memories they hold and the love you stitched into them. Merry Christmas to you and your family. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Isn’t it sad that the secular part of Christmas has really taken over the real meaning of Christmas? I am so happy to start my season every year with this Live Nativity. Don’t get me wrong, I love jingle bells and hot cocoa Etc. I just like to focus on the Savior as well❤️❤️. Thank you for your kind comment. You are the BEST!:)

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  4. I forgot that you have this annual event! A big job, for sure, but it wouldn’t seem like Christmas without it for you I’m sure. I love that quilt idea, such a comforting way to pull good memories. Well done, you, on both counts!

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