The “Be-Attitudes” – Be Loving

I get together with my good friend, Kathleen, every Wednesday and Quilt. Sometimes I choose the pattern, and sometimes she chooses. It was her turn to choose and she decided on a pattern that she has had on her want to make list for some time now. It is called Be Attitudes by Art to Heart. You can get the pattern on Amazon, or other online stores

There are twelve blocks and we hope to get a block done each time we meet. We should get it done by the end of the summer unless we take off for vacations and such.

We should have started with the Be Warm Snowman for January, but since it is so close to Valentines Day we decided on the Be Loving Block instead.

Isn’t it so cute?! I have chosen to make my quilt with my normal brights. But Kathleen is making hers with the more muted tones like in the picture.

Isn’t it fun to see the difference that color makes? They both are wonderful in their own way. This is going to be quite the adventure. I’m so glad we are doing it together.

I already feel loved as I look at these cute hearts with the little blanket stitch around them.

This is appliqué at its easiest since it is just backed with fusible web and ironed down and then stitched down. LOVE it!! I also love this darling little angel❤️


I used embroidery thread for her eyes and barely colored her cheeks with crayon for a bit of rosiness.

It has been a LOVELY day around my house. In fact it has been a SWEET day:)❤️❤️.

Until next time,

34 thoughts on “The “Be-Attitudes” – Be Loving

    1. Hi Abbey! I give most of them away. The smaller ones I use for decoration outside my my house. The really intricate ones, I have a shelf that I decorate with by displaying them. I am trying to have a large collection of heirlooms for my grandchildren someday. I have a friend who says this quilt is going in the pot! Lol😊❤️

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      1. I’m sorry Tracy, forgive my deplorable manners, thank you! I just wasn’t sure you were serious as I can’t imagine someone putting that much work and love into something and then giving it away to someone they don’t know. If you are serious, I would be honoured as those words are all the things I try to teach my students every day.

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      1. Thank you for the invite. I thought this would make a wonderful QAL with a buddy call over blogland . I’m not able to host. I presented the idea to my “buddy” and she’s interested, but not until next year.


      1. Yes, it’s nice to get together to work on things with friends. Before I moved to the city I’m in now, I used to meet up with some ladies once a month for scrapbooking. We were all working on different projects, but it was nice to get together for a few hours.

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