Be-Attitudes Quilt

My friend and I are back to sewing again, and I am sew, sew happy! We have been working on the Be-Attitudes Quilt by Art to Heart. It seems like I have had to use many of these Be-Attitudes in my life lately, especially Be-Patient.

I was quite a bit behind my friend in sewing, so I have spent the last few days catching up. I am really pleased with how the blocks are turning out!

The hardest part of this quilt is choosing the colors. I need to make sure there is balance so I have finally just sewn all of the blocks together for aiding me in color placement.

I lay out my fabrics before I sew them and change, change, change them around.

Who would think that would be so tricky?! The above fabric lay out turned into my favorite Be-Patient Block.

Isn’t it cute?! I will be adding flower buttons on the seed markers after it is quilted.

I really like all of these cute blocks, but so far Be-Patient and Be-Prayerful are my favorites. Well, maybe Be-Honest or Be-kind are up there too:)

Here I am sewing Be-Prayerful with my well worn cast, lol😊

Oh, I am grateful for thumbs! Now, before you think I have been sewing like crazy the last few days, I did have a couple of these blocks done before my forced hiatus .

Too much fun!! My friend is making her quilt in muted tones that are equally adorable.

I love sewing along with friends. I really like her ant’s cupcake with the striped paper cup.—I may have to change mine out….. it wouldn’t be the first time! She used a circle fabric piece instead of a button on top. Cute!!

I will be giving this quilt to an elementary school teacher, so this bright colored pallet quilt will be hanging in a classroom. Isn’t that SWEET?!

I can’t think of a better home for it❤️❤️

Thank you so much for dropping by and reading about my quilting adventures. I hope I have inspired you to try your hand at something creative today:)

Thought for the day–

25 thoughts on “Be-Attitudes Quilt

  1. First of all, love the hand shot, and your comment about loving thumbs 🙂 These are such sweet blocks, and picking fabric is fun (great to lay it together like that, something I do too). I love Nancy Halvorsen, have done for many years; in fact my laptop is resting on a table centre using her fabrics from oh, 2002 or so!

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  2. Hi Tracy,
    What a cute quilt! This is really coming together so nicely, and I love all of your bright colors. It will look just great hanging in an elementary school classroom. I know my bestie would love it (first grade). ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Oh Tracy this is so sweet! It definitely will be an awesome gift for a classroom. The students will get such a big kiss out of it. I can totally relate when you talk about the hard part being the selection of fabrics. I think that part can be tougher than designing a piece. You are very lucky to be making this quilt along with a friend. So much opportunity for shared joy. 🙂

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