I Think I Can – I Think I Can!

Do you know that feeling when everywhere you look there seems to be something out of place or that needs tidying up? I am so there right now!

It couldn’t be a more perfect time for Leanne @She Can Quilt to be inviting fellow bloggers to finish some of those UFOs lying around their sewing rooms. I am in!!

I don’t think I can get too many of my projects done, but there are three that are really close and should be realistic finishes–

Purse Strings–

I have 8 of the 20 blocks done for this wonderful quilt. I am SURE I can get this one done.

Not only is this one all cut out and ready to finish, it is right in the way of all of my other projects! Yep, time to finish it up.😊

My next finish will be a bit trickier…


I joined Jen Kingwell’s template of the month last year. I kept up for quite a while, but just around Christmas, of course, I fell behind.

It has been over a year now, and I WANT to see what it looks like all put together. I am so excited to finally say that yes, I can finish this one!


I am working on this one each week with a friend. She should keep me going along:)

We only have 4 more blocks to go, so this one should easily be done before school starts next year. SWEET!!

I’m so glad you dropped by today. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!


33 thoughts on “I Think I Can – I Think I Can!

  1. You can do it. I really want to make Delilah, it’s been on my list for a while now. I havent bought the pattern because I think it has templates and I really hate templates. If there was some other way to make it, I’d be all over it. Your applique “be” Quilt is great. I cannot wait to see all the finishes…

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  2. Just be careful with that wrist. Too much use and you’ll find it sore and swollen again. If it was me, I’d go Be-Attitudes, then Purse Strings, then Delilah: the first two are closer to being done! You go, girl.

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    1. I agree Kate!! You’ve hit the nail on the head. I will definitely start with the easier two and see how I feel. We are a pair aren’t we? My wrist, your knee, and Claire’s feet! It has been a Spring or Australian winter to remember!


      1. I think it may be just that we’re all arriving at an age when things are easily damaged and need running repairs. I can’t help feeling that I’d have done a tidier job with the stitching!

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  3. You can do this – looking great so far and some are really close to finish! The FAL sounds like fun – I am also desperately in need of someone kicking my ass to finish my quilting projects, so it might be a good idea to hop on this bandwagon …

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  4. Hi Tracy,
    Of course you can finish up these! The Be-Attitudes are so close and I really want to see that one all finished up. It is just so nice and colorful and it makes me smile each time I see it. You can do it! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  5. Great projects, and you will be able to get these done this quarter, but don’t stress that wrist to much! Variety of movement and all😄. I don’t think I’ve seen the purse strings blocks before, that will be lovely together! I need to clean up my sewing Room a bit this week, too, how does it get so out of control?

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  6. Nice projects! I really like the Be-Attitudes. I hadn’t thought of the FAL as a way of tidying up, but you are right. It does feel good to get these old ones out of the way.

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