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For the past year, I have been working on my appliqué Simple Folk Quilt. While I am not completely finished, I am finished with almost all of the hand work. I need to piece it together and then add the smallest bit of finish appliqué. I’m almost there/)

In the meantime, I have decided on a project that will be travel friendly because I always have a trip around the corner. It is time for my go at English Paper Piecing. Just look at these neat and tie tidy little pieces!

I have learned from many many projects in the past that my enthusiasm is very amped up at the beginning. So I am going to try to cover all of my shapes first while my steam is at its strongest. Then I will get a resurgence when I start actually sewing them together. Fingers crossed that the momentum will keep going….

I am making the Quattro Colour Quilt designed by Sue Daley. I ordered the paper foundation pieces quite a while back.

There are lots of online shops selling the pattern and even fabric kits. I bought mine at Missouri Quilt Star Co.

I did not buy a fabric kit. I am using fabric scraps for my Quatro Quilt. Those tiny pieces are PERFECT for scrap busting.

There are 100 paper foundation pieces in the pattern kit. The kit also includes the pattern and templates to cut your fabric. Those templates are very very handy.

I sewed my fabric around each cardboard piece making sure to NOT go through the paper. This will make it easy to remove the paper after everything is all sewn together.

These papers are reusable, but the problem is that I am trying to cover all of my pieces at once before stitching them together. I need 400 of each piece.

I remember watching a short video on Instagram of someone using interfacing as their base instead of paper and then glueing instead of stitching….

Yep! It works great!:). I bought some heavy fusible interfacing and literally glue sticked the fabric over. I WILL NOT have to remove the facing. It is soft, but crisp. I love finding new techniques!.

I hope you have a wonderful day today! — I know I will. I plan on going to church. I am a member of The Church if JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints. After church, I am heading over to my daughter’s house for a family birthday party dinner. Yea!! It is definitely going to be a T-Sweets Day!!

Until next time–

If any of you want to join along with our fun and friendly Hand Quilting group, here is how–

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

Kathy, MargaretEmmaTracyDeb, Susan,  Nanette,  EdithSharonKarrinGretchen and Kathi

30 thoughts on “HQAL – New Project

  1. Hi Tracy ~ Your day is going to be extra sweet! Wow what a project you are undertaking. This is going to be amazing and I promise to keep encouraging you to stay on track. It truly is a magnificent quilt pattern. Your going to do an awesome job with this 🙂 Sharon

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  2. It would work great on a smaller piece, but on a large quilt, I’d worry that it wouldn’t drape nicely… I like papers because it makes sewing things together very easy, but then it’s soft when you remove them, which I like to do as I go. Once it gets to a certain size, leaving the papers in works against you, I find. It’s a beautiful design, and as you say, the perfect scrap buster!

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  3. This is quite an intricate quilt, but a new direction after those tiny applique pieces. You will probably find this pretty quick in comparison! Love the bright colors, it will seem a little like putting a puzzle together I think, having everything ready to piece at once. Looking forward to this adventure!

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  4. Great project! For years I reused my papers … after sewing through them! It doesn’t hurt them a bit, and it’s easy to snip the knot and get the thread out. Now I don’t even sew. I use a Bohin glue pen (I do NOT recommend regular glue stick, because they STICK) and it comes out easily when I’m finished, too. What did you do to your hand?


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