Scrap Happy Quiet Book

I have been busy trying to balance sewing on my Salem Witch Quilt and finishing a few more pages on my little Quiet Book. Both of them are so fun that it is hard to stop sewing on one while I sew on another.

But the witches must stop and a few more pages are in need of stitching because it is Scrap Happy time over @ Tall Tales from Chiconia. I must confess that I have been so overwhelmed of late that the 15th just kind of flew by each month. Not this month though!!

I was digging through my mother’s box of scraps for a page in my quiet Book and realized this whole book is made from scraps! Yes, I am definitely Scrap Happy!

This little Lion is happy too with his left over cording tail. Isn’t he the cutest thing?!

Next- The Teepee used a left over zipper, some old scraps of pellon that I colored and ironed to set, and some extra zigzag tape. When I say extra, this tape was probably from the 1970’s!

But the real treat was the old beaded necklace and small doll that I found in my moms box. SWEET!!!

And a quiet book is not complete unless there is a shoe to learn to lace and tie:).

I had some left over Grommets from who knows what project. I had a learning curve of how to use them again.

Mark and cut the hole, place the grommet in the hole, use the tool to gently hammer down and spread the back side out. Well, I got them but it took a while and a lot of mistakes lol!:)

This shoe is almost the last page. It actually is the last of the inside pages. I am going to add two more for the front and back of the cover. Those should be done next week. Yea!!

I just love these cute pages. I think I may be enjoying them as much as my little friend and grandchildren will!:)!

Thank you so much for dropping by today. It’s a wonderful day to rest for a moment and head over to see what the other “Scrap Happy” bloggers are doing!

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Until next time!!

32 thoughts on “Scrap Happy Quiet Book

  1. You’re almost done and each page is so cute. The teepee is adorable and the wonderful trinkets found remind me of trinkets I found once too going through a mother’s old jewelry box. Any clue of the details of the front and back cover pages? I love surprises so I’ll wait! See your finished project soon 🙂

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