100 Blocks Sampler QAL

Every now and then, as I peruse Instagram or my fellow bloggers, I see a set of blocks that jumps out to me. It screams, “Hey! You can do this, come join the fun!” This happened to me this past week with Sherri Noel @rebeccamaedesigns 100 block Positive Energy Patchwork Sampler

I joined the group, and looked in my cupboard for fabrics that I would enjoy for an entire year. I pulled out my bright “Looking Forward” fat quarter bundle by Jen Kingwell that I bought a while back.

I just love these fabrics! Funny thing, I didn’t realize it, but Sherri is using many fabrics from this line as well. If I would have really looked at her fabrics, I probably would have chosen a different line just to spice the community blocks up a bit, but I didn’t notice until I was finished with my 8th block. Nope- not changing now . Lol! Sherri and I are kindred hearts:)

I have had a great time cutting and piecing the first ten blocks. She has started with the straight line, easy piecing blocks. Here are my first ten-

Aren’t these all so cute?!! With the exception of the pink centered wonky flip of mine they are perfect. I think I will “unsew” and try again…

Yes—that is so much better:)❤️

Sherri’s instructions have been spot on perfect along with videos describing her work station, her choice of tools (which I have indulged and bought most of), and wonderful techniques for accurate piecing.

I am looking forward to starting my next 10 blocks. If they are anything like these blocks, I am in for a fun time!

It’s not too late to join this QAL. I would love to sew along with you❤️. It is always fun to watch the same blocks being sewn by your online friends:)

I hope you have a wonderful day today. Please feel free to comment and follow along!

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