Simple Folk Done!!

Finally!! After two years of on and off sewing I can happily say I am done with my Simple Folk Quilt. Yea!! I have enjoyed the process and have especially appreciated all the words of encouragement from my online quilting friends. Most of this was sewn with my HQAL friends. You all are so SWEET and truly make my day!❤️❤️. So… without any further introductions or waiting …. Here it is!—

I have been anxiously awaiting this photo shoot so if you don’t want to be overloaded with quilting eye candy, now is the time to hit the back button. But if you are up for a nice show and tell, keep on scrolling and let’s enjoy the feast for the eye!

Ah! Those reverse appliqué hearts were fun:)

Appliqué Flowers make me smile. :). It is hard to believe that it wasn’t that long ago when a needle turned appliqué project seemed overwhelming. Now I just LOVE it!

The actual long arm quilting took forever too. Those little pebbles and feathers never seemed to end.

The borders were a little trickier than the flowers in the center. Choosing the color scheme of a darker border was a hard decision as well. Some of the appliqué didn’t “pop” as much as the center, but that was the point

The darker borders pushed the attention to the middle section. I really like it.

What a journey! After all of that work, it is hard to not just sit back and stare….

Do you do that? I bet you do. Here is how it goes for me —. I finish a project and then it becomes my favorite project for the next little bit until the next “masterpiece”. I lay it out and just sit and look at it for a bit. Then I place it here or there and show it to my family and friends like you.

I like the idea of snuggling under my new quilt as the weather is getting colder. I think it’s new home is right here in the couch:)

Well- we have arrived at the end. I must acknowledge the amazing Sarah Fielke who wrote and designed this pattern. I enjoyed her Quilt Along and recommend it highly. You can join one of her Block of the Month programs here.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

21 thoughts on “Simple Folk Done!!

  1. That is so beautiful, a real heirloom your children will be proud and eager to inherit. It has been a long haul, but totally worth it. Sarah Fielke does create some gorgeous patterns, we’re very proud of our girl Sarah here in Australia, just like Jen Kingwell.

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  2. WOW Tracy ~ this is a masterpiece! Until seeing this all finished I don’t think I truly realized the scope of this beauty. This is beyond eye candy, it’s a triple blue ribbon winner!!!! Congrats on the finish!

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    1. Thank you Sharon! It truly has been a journey. I’m so glad I shared that journey online so it really can be appreciated. People who see it at one glance like it, but they don’t appreciate it like you do and my other friends who have cheered me in along the way. Thank you so much!!❤️❤️

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  3. absolutely gorgeous Tracy ^^ If I’d made such a masterpiece, I’d be snuggled up under it, on the sofa, having a good stroke at all the texture and playing “I spy” with all the animals ^^

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  4. This is absolutely gorgeous and huge congrats on finishing. I’m about half way through this lovely BOM by Sarah Fielke and you’ve encouraged me to keep going

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  5. Hi, Tracy!

    Once again you have created a real masterpiece!! Your fabric choices have made your quilt so UNIQUE and so very YOU! I looked up the pattern (to consider purchasing) and had I not seen your version, probably would not have! It is just exceptional! You are a GENIUS when it comes to color combinations.

    On a different subject, I am deep into my Witches quilt. I took your great suggestions to heart and traced all 3 panels at the same time as well as doing all the coloring and heat sealing at the same time. Panel #1 is complete and Panel #2 is about 2/3 completed. This has been so much FUN for me! The hand embroidery has really brought the pattern to life and it makes me eager to see how each portion will look. Thank you for your wonderful advice and encouragement.

    I hope that your health has greatly improved! Sending HUGS, Eileen

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