Merry Christmas to Me!!

I just LOVE packages filled with crochet or quilting goodies!  Don’t you?  This package filled with crochet joy came right before Thanksgiving and made it an especially wonderful weekend!

A few weeks ago,  I special ordered three custom Rowan wood crochet hooks from Mo at The Left Hooker.  

I was so excited when my package came in and I lifted the lid off of the box.  My hooks were neatly wrapped inside along with a special Thanksgiving treat of a beautiful hook necklace!!Oh my, Oh my!!  Aren’t they absolutely beautiful?!  Mo did such a nice job:). The Rowan wood was so very smooth to my touch. I could hardly contain myself from dropping all of my Thanksgiving preparations and starting to hook away !

I did manage to wait a little while, but as soon as we all were relaxing a bit after our feast, I gathered my souvenir yarn from Greece and started snapping pictures and trying out my new hook treasures.  The wood just glided through the yarn.  It was a pleasure to stitch with it. I mean look how beautiful and well crafted these are!

Mo was so nice to work with.  He answered all of my questions and would design my hooks in whatever size or way that I wanted them.  I know that I will be ordering more of these in the near future.   I might try some of his other woods , and play with different shank lengths to see which kind and size  I love the best.  Decisions, oh what SWEET decisions….

I was able to crochet up a fantabulous hat this weekend with this hook and luscious yarn that I will post about tomorrow.  This picture ought to spark your interest:)….

Until tomorrow,