Dr. Seuss Camp Quilt and Fringe Binding Tutorial

imageGood Morning!  The girls in my church are getting ready for girls camp next week, so I thought that this weeks Memorable Monday project should be this fantastic Dr.Seuss camp quilt that I made for a friend.

I visit with a wonderful lady each month who was asked to go to camp and help out.   Because the theme was Dr. Seuss, she bought a piece of Dr. Seuss fleece for a blanket. She asked me if I could tie the edges for her.  Well, I knew that I could do better than that:)image

-I used my 6.5″ and 4.5″ rulers and fussy cut around the motifs on the fabric.  There were 20 squares total.  Perfect!

– I added a black 1.5″ border around the big squares and a black 3.5″ border around the small squares so that each square was 7.5″.

– I cut 40  2.5″ and 12″ strips from some fun bright fabric.  I added a 2.5″ square that I stitched and flipped to one end of each large strip. (I am making this part sound a little easier than it is because it does take some planning to know which side you are going to stitch and flip the square so you get that cute little pin wheel.  Laying them out on the floor or a design wall is helpful here)

– I sewed the small strips to opposite sides and then added the large strips to the other sides making sure to have my flipped corners where I wanted them.  Then I  trimmed the squares to 11.5″. All of my quilts seem to end up with weird numbers!

– I sewed them all together and added a 3″ black and white polka dot border all around.  I added an orange fleece backing and quilted it on my home sewing machine.

Now for the fringe binding–image

-Cut  4″ strips and have enough to equal the length of each side.  No need to sew them together.  Just make sure you have enough length to go around the quilt.

-Cut the strips into fringe.   Cut 3″ in and 1/2″ apart all along the strips.

-Cut enough 2″ binding strips to go around your quilt and press in half.

Here is the fringe sandwiched between the quilt and the binding

– Now sew the fringe  to the right side of your fabric and also sew the binding to the front of the fabric   This will sandwich the fringe between the quilt and the binding.   Leave an added inch of binding on each end.

-Flip the binding over to the back and sew down with matching thread.  Fold the extra edges on themselves to give a finished edge to the ends.

It looks GREAT!  You can hardly even see the stitches and now you have this fun fringe Dr. Seuss worthy binding.  SWEET!!!image

Have a great and super SWEET week!-  Tracy:)