How to Fold Fat Quarters

My order  of Cotton Steele fat quarters from Connecting Threads came in yesterday:)  I can’t pass up a good sale, can you?  Lol!   

I love the fabric, but having a stack of fabric that I can’t see the pattern really does me no good. So I have a method of folding and storing my “scraps” that really works for me and might be helpful to some of you:)

I use this method on pieces that are larger than my scrap bin fabrics of less than 5″ or strips.  

I use my 3.5″ ruler to keep all of the folding even and exact.  For larger yardage I use the same method only I use my 6.5″ ruler.

  1. Start by folding the fat quarter in half length wise and then fold again.  
  2. Lay the ruler on top of the fabric and roll tightly.
  3. Pull the ruler out to leave a nicely folded piece of fabric

Now I have a beautiful stack of fabric.  Today I am lucky because I have saved a Moda ribbon from another FQ order, so I just tied it up to look so pretty.  I won’t tell if you don’t that the fabric isn’t Moda:)

But really, I very rarely tie my fabrics up.  Normally I just have a few pieces of left over fabrics that are orphaned and can be used to fill in a scrappy quilt.   

Here is the fun thrifty part– I use old cereal or baking mix boxes to store the nicely folded fabrics!  I cut them in half and reinforce them with tape.  

It is the perfect way to organize and keep those small scraps neat and tidy!   I can store them in my fabric cabinet and pull out a box to find a piece to match my project.  They all come out together and stay perfectly folded.  Yea!!

Maybe someday I will cover the boxes with pretty fabric or paper, but for now, this works GREAT!!

I hope this is helpful to some of you.  If you have a SWEET way of folding and storing your scraps, I would love to hear about it:)