Crocheting My Way Around the World:)

One of my favorite things about crochet is that is easy to throw a  project in a bag and take it  along wherever you may go.  I have taken projects to waiting rooms, kids volleyball tournaments, long road trips, and most recently around the world to Greece and Israel.  Some people say that they are dancing through life. – I am crocheting and quilting through mine!I decided that this trip would be the perfect time to start my Peacock Bag from lilabjorncrochet.  It made  the plane ride over to Athens literally just fly by! Lol:)

 It was an especially fun moment when as I was crocheting  along, Tasiana shared a postcard picture of her trip to Greece right in the CAL!!  Yea!!  I was so excited:)! I had definitely brought the right project for this trip:)

I was very pleased with my new thread cutter fob.  I bought it on amazon and put it on a long silver chain.  I wore it as a pretty necklace and walked right through the airport screening with no problems at all.  I loved that when I needed to clip my threads, this handy cutter was right there, waiting around my neck.  It was great! (Isn’t it funny that I am holding the fob as if it is the yarn? I’m definitely  a crocheter!)
It was somewhat surreal to sit out on the balcony of the ship and stitch away with these beautifully matching, ocean toned threads. I was in crochet heaven to be sure.  I even brought it along on our day of snorkeling and relaxing at the Beach in Mykonos.   
I was able to finish  both the front and the back of my bag up to the joining section on my trip.   I want to add a few beads to my bag, so I decided to stop and wait to complete this beauty at home.   But of course, I had brought my camel hair yarn just in case this situation poked its head out.

I started a lace shawl that I will definitely give more post attention to in the next few days.  But I was glad I had the extra project to work on while flying home.  My stewardess just was amazed at it and wanted to buy it right there!But no sale! This shawl will be a gift for one of my daughters.  Maybe I will make several if it turns out as pretty as I think it will:)

As you can see, I literally crocheted myself around the world and back.  I had a wonderful trip filled with SWEET memories.  Some of those memories are of my time with the needle and thread.

Thank you for stopping by!