image   I joined a Facebook group called Sew A-longs and Sewing Contests.  The sew along this summer is to make six sleep wear items.  I don’t know why I do this to myself,  but I just can’t stop!  I just love, love, LOVE to sew and create:)

For my first item I finally made a pair of pj bottoms for myself.  Last Thanksgiving my friend, Julie, came to visit.  She was wearing a darling pair of pj’s and wished that she could have some for her girls for Christmas.  We made a pattern out of them and got busy sewing.  She sewed 5 pair and I sewed 4 pair.  All of my girls loved them, but I was left out.  Now, I feel like it is Christmas for me!

I am glad I made the pattern on sturdy paper and wrote the directions right on the paper.  It was easy easy to remember how to make these cuties:)image

I know that I will be making many more of these  each Christmas in lots of soft fun fabrics.  They worked up really really fast, like maybe an hour.  The fabric was in the dollar rack at Walmart.  I even had enough to make a skirt for Sunday.  PJs and a skirt for 2.00!  That’s what I’m talking about!:) SWEET!!

imageimageThanks for stopping by:) –Tracy