Dear Daughter -Chapter 3


This quilt is coming along nicely.   I am having so much fun playing with colors and fabrics while learning a new technique or two.   It never ceases to amaze me how there is always something new to learn and try:)

In this chapter, I used three different appliqué techniques.  The top pink petals were done with the interfacing method I blogged about in chapter 1.  Here are a few pictures to remind you

I sewed around the petals in matching pink thread.   I stitched as close to the edge as I could with a straight stitch,

For the yellow wording I traced the mirrored words onto fusible web and ironed it to the back of my fabric, cut it out, peeled and ironed, and cut the shapes.  I pressed the words to the fabric and zigzagged around the whole thing.

Lastly, I set my Pfaff machine to a #3 zig zag stitch with the smallest width .5image

I used clear monofilament thread and started sewing around the petals having the inside part of my foot line up along the edge and BARELY grab a thread or two as it went around.image

All stitched down with hardly a stitch in sight

This method is AMAZING!  I can hardly even see any stitching at all!!  IT is so easy that  feels a little like cheating, but hey, I don’t think I have any quilt police coming over anytime soon. I do wish I was a needle turn appliqué proficient, but until then I will use my machine and smile:)

SWEET!! –Tracy:)

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