Baby Shower Gift Set

imageMy niece-in-law is expecting her first baby in a few weeks.  Her baby shower is coming up soon so I thought I would use the occasion to make a few more pj items for my Summer Sew Along projects.  I need, I mean get to make six sleep wear items before August:)  I am going to be gone for a week in July so I am trying to get things made early.

I have an etsy shop called Toot Sweets Diapers where I sell organic All in Two sized cloth diapers.  I knew that for one of my sleep wear projects I wanted to make a diaper set for a baby.  I bought this fantastically cute pattern online from Peek a Boo Pattern Shop. I picked out some SWEET fabric that I had in my stash and started sewing.

The pattern was very very easy to follow and understand. I haven’t sewn clothing for babies in a long time and was amazed at how little of fabric it needed to make a sleeve! The finished project is ADORABLE!

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BUT the pattern was a bit misleading and made me a little angry because that darling hat is not included in the pattern!  I had to go back online and buy another seperate pattern for the hat. UGH!   It is a darling hat, but hey, if it is shown on the pattern, it should be included unless plainly marked.image

Oh well, I am glad I have the patterns.  This will be my baby shower gift for all new babies in the future:)

I made up a plain black small/medium diaper to match this funky set.   It will fit my little nephew until he is around 17lbs or so.  I included an extra doubler for heavy wetting.

I am excited to give this gift at the shower.   I know my niece is going to think it is SWEET!


4 thoughts on “Baby Shower Gift Set

  1. Tracy, thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I have been enjoying a sampling of your posts this am and see you are cruising through the the Splendid Sampler…all I’ve managed is to print off all of the blocks, but I have really enjoyed seeing the creativity of so many talented folks. I look forward to reading more about your projects in the days ahead!

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    1. Oh you are going to LOVE being part of the Splendid group! Everyone is so nice and everyone is so talented!:). I like all of the techniques. They range from easy to advanced. It is great! I am looking forward to seeing what you do for your splendid journey:). Thanks for commenting!

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