Speed Quilting

There are some quilts that take years and lots of thinking and creative juices to complete.  They are masterpieces.  This quilt is not one of them.  I started this quilt in the morning and was finished before lunch.  SWEET!  It is going to be a gift for yet another niece. (I have a very large extended family). She gets married in August.   I am going on vacation in July so I figured I had better get it done.

This is the “Sunshine Makes Me Happy Quilt” from the book Strip Happy.   It is EASY.   It would be a great project for a new to quilting sewer.  The next person who asks me to help them learn to quilt is going to start with this one for sure:)

It only needs one jelly roll and some accent fabric.  Don’t you just love jelly rolls?  All of that coordinating fabric that I didn’t have to round up just makes me happy:). For this quilt I used ModCentury by Jenn Ski.  It is perfect for a cute, sassy girl and her husband.

I went on a sew-fest and speedily sewed the strips together in sets of three, reserving some out for the border.  I sub cut the strips in rectangle shapes

I added an accent strip to the bottom of each rectangle and then arranged them in opposite directions.  I sewed them all together,added a solid border,  joined the extra strips on the short ends making one long strip that I sewed as the 2nd border, and finally finished with one more border.  DONE!

Gorgeous!  My SWEET niece and soon to be nephew  are going to love it! Here are a few pictures I took of them for their announcements.  Aren’t they just the cutest couple?

Thanks for stopping by–Tracy:)

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