Dear Daughter- Chapter 4

Each chapter of this quilt gets more and more exciting!  Sherrie from has really done a great job with this fun pattern:). I look forward to making each wild and crazy block.  The instructions are so clear and the pictures are inspiring.   There is a new chapter each month, and as you can see, I am behind.  BUT I am catching up and LOVING it!!

There were a few repeated blocks in this chapter along with some new ones.  Here are some pictures of the new ones. I especially love the purple one:)

There were quite a few more elements to this chapter, so it took  a bit longer to complete.  It was so worth it though.

All of these sayings really do describe how I feel about my dear daughter.  I know she is going to go CRAZY for this quilt.  It should be done for Christmas.  I just hope she isn’t reading this blog! –close your eyes, Truly! Lol:)

Have a super SWEET day! –Tracy

all put together so far–looking AWESOME!!

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