Vintage Sheet Napkins

My daughter’s best friend is getting married soon.  She volunteered to host her bridal shower at our house.   I am always happy to have a party so I was excited to help:)

As we were setting everything up for the brunch, it was obvious that we were going to need napkins.  Since the wedding colors are yellow and blue, we wanted to keep everything bright and happy.   I remembered an old sheet I have with beautiful yellow daisies and roses on it that I have been wanting to do something with for some time now.  This was its day:)

I ripped the sheet into 16″ squares.  From a twin sheet I got 25 napkins with a few extra odd sized pieces for covering platters or whatever.  Yea!  I headed over to my Babylock serger, changed to a yellow 3 thread rolled stitch and finished all 25 in less than an hour!

They look so fresh and vintage happy.  They were absolutely perfect for the party.   They really set the table apart.  I am sure that I will use these napkins again and again.  That SWEET print just makes me smile:)

Thanks for stopping by! -Tracy

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