Fluff Bum Sweetness!

I have been sewing 6 diapers for a custom order today and yesterday.  I just love making these beautiful cloth diapers.  They make me happy knowing that they will bring smiles to everyone who sees them:)
Aren’t the patterns just adorable?   The top is Lime Daisy and the bottom is Galaxy.  These are made with a completely waterproof Polyurethane Laminate outer and a super soft suede liner.  The soakers are 100% organic bamboo /hemp.   They hold A LOT of liquid!
Here is UpTown and Mod Flowers.   I can just picture a happy baby wearing these with a cute little ruffled tee.  So cute!

Purple Roses has a soft airy type of feel. I just love it!  Yes, every diaper I make seems to be my favorite. If you are interested in cloth diapering, I have plenty available in my shop

Don’t hesitate to add a comment here or in my shop if you have any questions

  I hope you have a SWEET DAY!   


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