The Village Quilt Rooftops

Last summer my daughter and I spent two days at our cabin having a sewing retreat.  It was so fun that we decided to make it an annual event:).  We have been planning and looking forward to our sew-cation  all summer, and the week finally arrived.  Yea! We packed up our sewing machines,  irons, projects, clothes, and food  and headed up the mountain.   It was so beautiful and cool!   We unloaded everything, set up the machines, and started sewing.   Fun! Fun!

Until the generator broke:(

I had to walk out to find cell service, call my  SWEET hubby, pack everything back up, and head back down.  Bummer!

Oh well, next year….   We still sewed of course.  My house became the sewing retreat and we enjoyed just being together.  She worked on some WONDERFUL quiet book pages (she is going to post about them soon.  If she doesn’t, I will because she designed  them and they are FANTASTIC!) 

And I finished the rooftops for my Village quilt:

I sewed over 100 flying geese.

A.few of them had a piece sewed in to make a chimney.

I used my handy dandy  “Wing Trimmer” ruler to cut the geese to size. This ruler ROCKS!   But even with the ruler, the cutting seemed to take all day.

Whew!  Look at how pretty they look amidst the remnants  of all of that work:) I love it!

Well, until tomorrow,  –Tracy:)

Life is SWEET!

4 thoughts on “The Village Quilt Rooftops

  1. What a bummer that the generator went out on you, and I’m so glad that you had a location that could serve as substitute for your retreat. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing this quilt finished, and want you to know that you are keeping me motivated to work down my long list of items for our home. Iris bedspread, first, and then a new quilt!

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