The Hippie Quilt

Happy Monday!  For last week’s Memorable Monday post I wrote about my #2 son’s wedding quilt.  So for this week I thought I would post my #1 sons quilt.

My husband named this quilt.  It looks like something from the seventies for sure:). It really turned out wild!  My son and daughter-in-law are hipster, hippies and chose this one for their wedding quilt.  Somehow I knew they would!  After their naked wedding cake, are you surprised?:)

I made this from an online quilt along a few years back.   I think it was on Quilting Dad, but I really don’t remember.  I , of course, made two of each block so that I would have a spread instead of a throw.  Typical me, right?  I designed the lay out using the flower pattern that was given with the QAL.  I used the blocks in the center and for the border.  I used scraps to sash the blocks.  Don’t they look great?

It turned out so fun and GROOVY!  I was happy when my SWEET daughter-in-law chose this one for their quilt.  It is so them!

I hope you have a Memorable Monday.  Thanks for dropping by!


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