The Hippie Quilt

Happy Monday!  For last week’s Memorable Monday post I wrote about my #2 son’s wedding quilt.  So for this week I thought I would post my #1 sons quilt.

My husband named this quilt.  It looks like something from the seventies for sure:). It really turned out wild!  My son and daughter-in-law are hipster, hippies and chose this one for their wedding quilt.  Somehow I knew they would!  After their naked wedding cake, are you surprised?:)

I made this from an online quilt along a few years back.   I think it was on Quilting Dad, but I really don’t remember.  I , of course, made two of each block so that I would have a spread instead of a throw.  Typical me, right?  I designed the lay out using the flower pattern that was given with the QAL.  I used the blocks in the center and for the border.  I used scraps to sash the blocks.  Don’t they look great?

It turned out so fun and GROOVY!  I was happy when my SWEET daughter-in-law chose this one for their quilt.  It is so them!

I hope you have a Memorable Monday.  Thanks for dropping by!


10 thoughts on “The Hippie Quilt

    1. Hi Susan! I don’t know if the patterns to this one are still around. It has been several years since the QAL. I am sure you could look at this one and recreate it with your own 12.5” blocks from any sampler and then lay them out like mine. The daisies are super easy to recreate as well. I hope you give it a try. I’m sure your hippie aunt would love it!!❤️❤️❤️


      1. I was able to find tutorials and PDF downloads for most of the blocks by going to Quilt Dad website. They are in a series called Block-a-Palooza on a FLICKR blog. Quilt Dad made Block 1, and other quilters made the other block patterns. It is a bit of work to find them, and some are no longer there. I can fill in the few I couldn’t find with other similar blocks.


  1. I have been working on sewing the blocks for my version of your quilt. I think I will call it My 2020 Quilt. I am learning many new techniques as I make the blocks. Hoping it won’t be too big for me to get it quilted.

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    1. Hi Susan! This is a great quilt to practice different blocks and a bit of machine appliqué. If you don’t want to make it so big, you could do half the blocks and make it a throw. That would make the appliqué and the quilting so much easier😊❤️


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