Patiently Waiting

I was cleaning in my sewing room and came upon these beautiful kaliedescope blocks that I started last year before my two sons’ weddings.  I was happily surprised to see them again:)

I quickly put aside everything else and decided that they had waited long enough and today was the day that they were going to again meet the sewing machine.  I added the corner triangles to make them square. And then trimmed the block to a a neat square:)

Aren’t they so pretty?  It’s amazing what a 45 degree ruler can do!

I then gathered up my teals, reds, and yellows and started cutting strips and stacking them into piles to make log cabin blocks.

For any of you who have never made a log cabin block, it is really very very easy.  You cut the strips or “logs” and then, starting with the center squares, sew them together in a clockwise direction making the block bigger one log at a time.


I think I will be able to finish this tomorrow or the next day.  I wonder why I waited so long?  Oh yes, two weddings and summer vacations and well, life…..

Until tomorrow–  Tracy:)

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