I am  very excited to join Kate @talltalesfromchiconia with her monthly “scrap-happy” challenge.  I have a box of brightly colored scraps that I have been wanting to make into a Maple Leaf rag quilt.  I think that this is going to be my scrap-happy project for the next year or so.  I’m so glad to have a monthly deadline:)

This is a scrap quilt to the max!   I sew these scrappy strips together in strings of six and use a kaleidoscope ruler to cut them into wedges.The filler blocks are sewn crazy block style (anyway at all just adding more scraps at any angle until the piece  is large enough to cut the desired shape) then I cut it into the diamond type shape and sew it  down to a  foundation piece which is also a scrap. 

I promise, I will make a tutorial one of these months with more details on the method.  Until then, I will just post these pretty pictures and try to envision how totally SWEET  this quilt is going to be when it is all finished!

Thank you Kate for the motivation:)


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