Still Halloween Decorating After All These Years!

Happy Memorable Halloween Monday to you!  Holiday decorations come and go around my house.  In fact as my baby is now almost 20, I don’t hardly decorate for the holidays at all. 

BUT there is one decoration that has lasted through the raising of all of my children.  It is a set of 4″x4″ wooden blocks that I made when my oldest was only three years old:). Ahh the memories:)!

I made these with a friend and have enjoyed using them ever since .  Each side has a holiday type theme that I just roll over to welcome in the new season.  They are large and sturdy so little children can stack  and play with them easily.

They were very easy to make:

  •  I bought a  4×4 board that I had the lumber hard cut into five 4″ square blocks.  
  • I sanded the edges to round them a bit
  • I added one or two coats of a watered down cream paint and aged the edges a bit with a darker paint.
  • I used the cheapo 3″ stencils that you can buy at any hardware store and painted my sayings on the blocks.
  • I wasn’t lucky enough to have the internet back in those days, but now there are tons of free stencil graphic images that you can download to add a few fun designs to the other blocks.
  • Finally I sprayed a light coat of sealer to the blocks.

One SWEET afternoon of painting fun with my friend and 25 years of decorating ease, and still counting!   Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!  Maybe I will show the other 3 sides when my Christmas decorations are up…..

I hope you and yours have a Happy Halloween today.  I hope it is filled with costume parades and lots of candied sticky hands and painted faces!

Until tomorrow,


2 thoughts on “Still Halloween Decorating After All These Years!

  1. I still put these blocks out year round! But it’s probably time to spruce them up! I have LOVED them for over 20 years!! Thank you for sharing your talents for so many years! You are truly amazing!

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