100+ Thankyous -A Quilt GIVE AWAY!!

I am happy to celebrate my first 100+ followers here at  It’s a T-Sweets Day!  It has been a fun and rewarding first few months. I appreciate all of you who follow me and leave such nice comments.  You really make my day SWEET! 

To  celebrate in style,  I have made this super fun kaleidoscope quilt to give away, yes I really said give away, to one of my lucky followers! 

** You can get up to three entries by:

  1. Follow my blog and comment here on this post with something that makes your day SWEET.
  2. Link and mention this giveaway in one of your posts
  3. Follow me on Instagram and leave a comment on what makes your day SWEET 

That’s it. Easy easy!  Entries will be accepted through  November 8th.  On the 9th, I will put all of the entries in a box and have my dear husband draw the winner.  How is that for technical? 

Now for more details about the quilt:).– I have named this quilt “In the Sewing Room”  because it is made with sewing themed novelty fabric.  The spinning blocks seem to represent a quilters creative thoughts while working on the next masterpiece:). It is absolutely amazing.There is a mixture of 28 kaleidoscope blocks and log cabin blocks in multiple shades of scrappy aquas, reds, and yellows. 

The binding is mixed red and the backing is white thimbles on a cream baskground.  

I quilted this “In My Sewing Room” quilt on my Gammill long arm with an all over loopy stitch.  It measures 60″x60″.and 

If you want to read more about the process of how I made this quilt, I  blogged here and here about it. 

Thank you once again for reading and following my blog and good luck in the drawing!!


41 thoughts on “100+ Thankyous -A Quilt GIVE AWAY!!

  1. You make my life sweet! Without you I wouldn’t have been confident enough to try new crafts and hobbies! You are a wonderfully talented woman and are a great and patient teacher! 😘

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  2. Lovely quilt. As for what makes my day SWEET, I guess the joy of being on earth in these amazing times does it. Living and loving, dreaming and creating, being consciously aware of both who and where I am does it for me. Of course, seeing the lovely work of other creative spirits is a boon!

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  3. Such a generous giveaway…and it is people like you in the blogging world generally that help to make my life SWEET. I was afraid to put things out there, but the kindness of the reception makes it seem almost normal now. I hope your experience will continue to be as positive as mine.

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  4. The quilt is gorgeous, as is everything you make. What makes my day (and week) super sweet is my weekly phone call with my BFF. I think you know her. Her name is Tassy and she is amazing!

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  5. Oh Tracy I would LOVE one of your fabulous quilts!!!!! My day is made sweet by blogger comments as well but even sweeter when I can connect with other bloggers as you and I have through our crochet. Congrats on the 100 followers!!!

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  6. Tracy you are so talented! I’ve always admired how creative you are. What makes my day sweet? My kids always make my day sweeter! Hearing a little person say “mom, you are the bestest” just makes my whole day! I love that my kids love to be creative and do fun projects with me. Being a mom is the best! 🙂

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  7. I have several unfinished quilts sitting here begging for my attention. To just give one away is very kind and generous of you. As a massage therapist, what makes my day sweet is knowing I have genuinely helped someone feel better.

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  8. My baby makes everyday sweet for me!! I love that little man! Your quilts are amazing and I love following all your crafts and adventures on your blog!

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  9. I love this! The quilt is beautiful. And somehow I didn’t know until now that you had a blog. I’ll start following as of now 😉
    Anything outdoors makes my day sweet!

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  10. Tracy, you never cease to amaze me. I loved your toot sweets, and now these amazing quilts, and this blog. I will definitely follow you! By the way, your picture is adorable.

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