Dear Daughter Chapters 8 & 9

I am excited to say that I am  now only one chapter behind on this QAL.   By the end of the month I will have chapters 10 & 11 done as well:)  Yea!!   I can see right where they will fit in.   I really like these new blocks. I like how the “&” symbol combines the messages.   In  our family Faith in Jesus Christ  is the center of our lives. So  I changed the pattern from “Have Courage” to “Nourish Faith”.  This will  remind my daughter to always take care of the spiritual side of her life.  True happiness and strength can never be achieved without that:)

Chapter 8–The block itself  is beatiful. I like how the words of faith are sort of holding up and nourishing the bloom of the flower.  They work together so well!  

Don’t you just love those  pieced corner flowers?

I used a clear mono filament thread to appliqué the petals and flower center.  It  is almost impossible to see!

The turning of the appliqué pieces was easy as well. 

  • I traced the pattern to the smooth side of a piece of fusible interfacing.  Then  I sewed it to the fabric  with the sticky side facing the right side of  the fabric.  
  • I clipped only the facing and turned it right side out using my handy cuticle stick.
  • Now it had the sticky facing side on the back of the petal  so I just ironed it to the block and sewed it down.  Easy!

Chapter 9— I also love the message of “Be Kind”.   The flower is so so cute!Because the circle and the petals were right next to the script, I opted to use fusible paper web for the appliqué.  That way the block would all match.

Fusible web is not always easy to pull away. So I have learned that if you score it with a pin, you can bend it and easily remove the paper.

I am not sure if I am crazy about the pink petals.  I may trade them out for orange to match the satin stitch around the lettering and to pull some more orange to the bottom of my quilt.

I know it doesn’t really matter, but hey why not?  I also think the complimentary colors of the blue and orange would really make this block pop:). Ok– I’m doing it!

Well, there you have it.  Almost done now.  SWEET!   

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