Dear Daughter- Chapter 10

Yea! Yea! Yea!  I have caught up with this fantabulous quilt along:). Well, the new chapter comes out this week, but hey, I am happy:)!

This chapter seems a little loud to me, but girls are loud and happy and fun.  At least my daughter is:).

 Before I started sewing this chapter, I organized my box of fabrics.  It had gotten so messy and hard to find the sizes and colors I wanted that it was a little frustrating just picking my colors.  I am glad I took the time and put my like sized scraps together.

This made it a breeze to pick my scraps for these blocks!:)I love it when things come together quickly and easily.

Here are the new blocks for this chapter. 

The designer, Sherri,  of didn’t make hers so loud and scrappy.  I hope I’m not sorry in the end…..

Thank you for stopping by:). I hope you have a SWEET day!


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