My Cool Crocheted Greek Hat

Ok, this  hat is not really from Greece, but the yarn I used to make it is.   I bought this yarn on the island of Crete.  I was walking along downtown and found this wonderful yarn shop filled with the most gorgeous selection of yarn.  Of course, I ran inside and bought several balls of  wool.  Love love love!!I have been waiting for the perfect time to start stitching it up.  When my beautiful new hooks from The Left Hooker came in last week, I knew that the time had arrived. Only gorgeous yarn would be fitting for the first project with my handcrafted new hook!

I asked my kids for advice of what to make, but they were no help.  I have a book called “Cool Crochet Crocheted Hats” by Linda Koop that I thought was “cool”,  but they laughed at me and didn’t like any of the designs.  Oh, were they wrong!  Really, they have no vision at all!

I chose to make the cover hat and stitched ahead, knowing how great the end result would be.I had so much fun working with my new hook and my fantastic yarn from Greece.  I mean really, just look at it.  It is AWESOME !! The textured yarn just makes me smile:)I changed the connecting stitches to a fold over stitch that I learned on my Mandala Madness afghan.  I used a different accent yarn here and on the bottom ruffle which resulted in  loose, very pretty accent stitches.And a hat this pretty would not be complete without an accent flower! I looked through my yarn scraps and found a very small amount of left over burgundy/plum Lion brand yarn that was perfect. 

 I stitched up a pretty flower in no time at all that worked up like this:

Pretty and Easy Flower

  • Ch 4 and join in a circle.
  • In circle- ch1, hdc, dc, hdc, ch1, slst , repeat 6 times to make 6 petals
  • Turn over. 
  • On back, ch1, slst around  middle dc of the first petal kind of in the middle of the stitch, ch2,slst around middle dc of next petal, repeat around all petals, ch1 and join to beginning ch.
  • Turn flower back over.
  •  Slst in ch2 space, ch1, hdc, 3dc, hdc, ch1, slst.  Repeat in each ch2 space around and finish off.

Easy!  I then stitched each petal to my cool hat.  I came up after each stitch and weaved my  thread through the petals so it would not really show on the inside.  Done!

My kids are jealous now!  But too bad, so sad– this hat is staying on my head.  I LOVE IT!!  It is SWEET!

I hope you have a super great day!


7 thoughts on “My Cool Crocheted Greek Hat

  1. Tracy, it’s super cool!! [lol and Seriously!! 😉 ] When I saw the peek at it yesterday I wondered if the flower was made from a silk yarn … so surprised to find out that it’s the Lion brand yarn that I kind of got sick of seeing and using when it was first on the market. Hahaha!
    I’m chomping at the bit to get back to work on some of my personal projects, but I have one more craft show this year and I have to stay on top of things for that…but soon! 🙂 You are keeping me focused and motivated!

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