Reindeer Presents

We have a fun Christmas tradition at our house.  The kids have always been able to open one gift, usually pj’s, on Christmas Eve.  I’m sure many of you share in this tradition.  But what makes this extra SWEET here at our home is the fun reindeer wrapping.

I found this cute pattern in a holiday craft book over 15 years ago, maybe longer.  I spent a good amount of wrapping time cutting out the reindeer on a heavy cardboard and gluing features on his face and hooves. 

I obviously can’t give out the pattern here, but I think it would be really easy to come up with something similar by checking for cute designs online, or even just freehanding a drawing yourself!  Maybe even changing it up with a cute elf holding the present instead?

I also decorated a gift tag with “open on Christmas Eve” written on it.  My family knows not to throw these cards and reindeer away.  I place them in a folder and use them year after year.  Yea!

My children are not little any longer.  They have, all but one, left the nest.  And yet, they still look forward to their Reindeer PJs .  Sometimes a reindeer even brings my husband a new set of pjs!

Last year, I made all of the girls these super fun frilly pj bottoms.  They were made with a home made pattern that I talked about here.   I  had so much fun making them:)

This year it was the boys turn for homemade pjs.  I found a fun pattern online for joggers called Brassie Joggers.  I bought some cool fabric that screamed boy to me.  I was able to whip up 4 pair of men’s joggers and a cute pj set for my grandson in no time at all. A couple of afternoons is all it took:)

I found the pattern to be a bit tricky though because the PDF file came with the sizes layered.  My MAC did not separate them by layer so I just had to guess on the correct size.  

I had my son come and try his on early to make sure everything was a go. He informed me that the pockets were too small.   So I had to enlarge them as well.  I’m glad I did though.  I’m sure they will be more useful now.I like the top with the elastic and the draw string.

I’m sure that Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer are eagerly looking forward to Christmas Eve so they can share their pj surprises.  I know that I am!

6 thoughts on “Reindeer Presents

  1. How cute! My sister asked if I wanted to order matching PJs for our family from the same place that she got them for her kids/grandkids. Okay fine – I ordered them. And now…they aren’t supposed to arrive until January 6th! I don’t think we’ll be having cute Christmas PJs this year with the rest of the family…


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