Want To Match Up Prints?

Working with checks or large patterns can be  tricky when sewing large pieces together.  Many people like to use checks on the back of quilts, but if you don’t plan ahead, you will end up with something that looks like this:

With a little bit of planning, you will never have this happen to you!  It’s easy!  Here is how:

  • Press the edge of one of your fabric pieces along the edge you want to sew. 

  • Grab your trusty School Glue and place a small line of glue along the edge of the other piece of fabric 

  • Match your folded fabric pattern to the glued fabric.  Don’t worry about matching bottom or side edges.  Just match the pattern.  Press and repeat across the length of your fabric.

  • Take your glued fabric to your sewing machine and sew on the folded line.

Done!  How easy is that?  SWEET❤️!

I hope you will give this technique a try the next time you need to match up a print on your sewing adventures.

Until next time!

19 thoughts on “Want To Match Up Prints?

  1. Tracy, did you use your walking foot, too? I always have to put it on for plaids or I end up off a couple threads. Not so bad on a quilt back, but infuriating for clothes seams! Excellent tip, ma’am, especially for a long seam.

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  2. Tracy, I remember being in sewing class and learning how to buy extra fabric for the plaid repeat and how to match them up when sewing. We didn’t use this method but that’s neither here nor there. I’m always disappointed when I see clothing in the stores that obviously was not matched. Sad! 😊

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