Vacationing Like a Quilter

My son is graduating from ASU this semester. Really?! No way can he be that old!! Wasn’t it yesterday I was making Halloween costumes and going to school parades? Oh well, that’s how it goes. I’m so glad that I have taken the time to enjoy every moment. Life is too SWEET to focus on things that don’t really matter in the long run.

Well, anyway, for his graduation my cute hubby and I are taking him and his adorable wife on a cruise to the Bahamas. So fun!! I’m excited to share this part of the world with them.

Now, as any quilter-crocheter knows, the hours traveling on a plane or in a car are prime handiwork time. I have spent the last few days getting my project ready. I really want to finish my Down the Rabbit Hole Quilt, but oh my, there was a lot of prep work to do.

I had to prep the pattern, cut it out and cut all of those teeny little pieces and then make more bias tape and cut 80 or so leaves. Then I had to glue baste them all down! It really wasn’t that bad, just time consuming. It’s all good.

I am pleased with how it all looks though.

My plane flight is literally going to just fly by as I stitch these pretty flowers down.

I just need to make sure my DH is on my right, so I don’t bother anyone by maneuvering the thread! I have gathered all my supplies together.

Here are the things I am taking–

  • I have my sewing panels,
  • glasses,
  • thread,
  • needles,
  • thimble,
  • needle threader,
  • A small clip light or head lamp
  • fingernail clippers to act as scissors,
  • and a cute little box to put them all in.

All of my notions fit perfectly here and it is small enough to just throw in my back pack! How SWEET is that?!

I am now ready to go. If I can get my WiFi to work on the ship, I will try to post my progress this week for the HQAL. I will definitely post about the fun things to do on a Bahama cruise when I get back.

Until then, Bon Voyage!

35 thoughts on “Vacationing Like a Quilter

  1. Oh wow Tracy, have a fab trip. The Bahamas sounds amazing and it will be fab for your son and his wife to relax after all his hard work.
    I Love that you’ve managed to get all that preparation done so you can carry on quilting during your travels. I’m loving the bunnies. I’ll shortly be posting about my own that I sewed today but it’s on rather a different scale to yours!

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      1. Sure I can do that- not sure what’s involved though. Probably good I have a month since I’m super sick right now and can’t imagine baking anything!

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  2. Hi Tracy!
    Have a marvelous time!! Did you check to see if there were quilt shops on the island(s) you are visiting? There just might be . . . oooooh, so cool. I know you’ll have a blast. Soak up all that sunshine for me, and warmth. Umm, I wish I could tag along. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. You have put so much work into your Down the Rabbit Hole, you should be proud of hoe beautifully it is coming along! 🐰
    What a good looking couple, enjoy you family vacation! 🏖 Ahhh, I can just picture the beautiful beach and warm sun 😊

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  4. Congratulations! Have a load of fun 🙂 I’d only add one thing to your sewing list if you can find one in time, and that’s a small book light, the kind with a clip at the end. You often don’t have good light on a plane, and a book light can clip onto the seat in front of you to give you a little extra light while you work, and they’re not big or heavy. Enjoy yourself, and we’ll look forward to seeing how you get on.

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  5. How wonderful – what a great graduation gift and congratulations to your son! Your handwork looks fun for the cruise! Have a great time and hopefully all the beautiful sights, warm sun and sand won’t distract you from stitching 🙂

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