Angels We Have Heard on High

Merry Christmas!  I had sew much fun making this pretty little angel block designed by Sandra Healy Designs for the I Wish You a Merry Christmas QAL.   

 I am trying to stay as close to the designer’s instructions while adding my own personality to the blocks.  I added all of the embroidery and an extra wing on this block.

The actual construction of the background  was very, very easy.  The simple squares were cut and sewn together in no time at all.  

When it was done, I had a beautiful blank slate for my angel to fly on as she places stars in the sky.   The pattern called for adhesive peel and press paper for the appliqué, but the angel and stars just sang, “Please, Tracy, needle turn appliqué and embroider me!”  Of course!!

I cut the shapes from thin card board and sandwiched them inside foil. I then pressed the little packets.   Easy!  I drew the embroidery designs I wanted on the fabric and glued them to my background with just a small dot of glue.

The next few evenings were filled with needle and thread as I relaxed and watched a show with my husband.  

I was happy to use my newly acquired appliqué skills on these little stars. Invisible stitches.  Yea!   You can read about my journey in how I learned to needle turn here.

I made some pretty wings with some of my favorite lace. The pattern only called for one wing, but with lace this lovely, I opted for two.   I love how the fabric is still a bit visible under them.

But my favorite part of this angel block is my pretty angel’s flower crown.   I designed the face and hair myself.  I did not use a pattern.

Her cute little ringlets and darling smile really tickle my fancy.  The flowers were fun to watch bloom as I stitched them down.  I added a bit of color shading to her cheeks to give her a rosey glow..

Isn’t she SWEET?!  I am absolutely in love with her:)❤️. 

Thank you for stopping by today.  It is always nice to share a creative moment with friends like  you!

Once There Was a Snowman

I have been singing “Once There Was a Snowman” and “Frosty the Snowman” all day as I have been sewing my snowman block for the I Wish You a Merry Quilt Along.   This block was designed by Sherry at Power by Quilting.  

I really enjoyed piecing my snowman.  He went together so easily. Yea!

But once he was altogether, I was left with a blank snowman.   I decided it was time to look through my embroidery patterns.  I didn’t have any but I found a cute little snowman face and hands on Etsy.  

It was so fun watching as my snowman came to life:). First his cute face and then his mittened stick arms.  

Talk about cute!!  I just love this little guy❤️❤️

I’m so glad you dropped by today.   you make my day SWEET!

Scrap Happy Needle Case

Hello and Happy Tuesday!   Today is a fun day because it is Kate’s Scrap Happy round up day:).  For my Scrappy project I would like to share with you my beautiful  Scrap Happy needle case. 

I  am part of a shoebox swap Christmas gift exchange. I have been getting ready all year.   My swap friend said she needed a needle case.   Sew…I made her one!  Isn’t it cute?

For my inspiration I used a pattern from Nana Company that can be found here. I didn’t really follow her instructions as much as I just kind of looked at them for inspiration. It measures 7″x4″.

I sewed my tiny 1 1/2″  scraps to make the front.  I  drew a free hand Needles on it and stitched it using an easy back stitch with double the thread.

The back is just a single piece of fabric with quilting and a button closure:). But the really fun part is the inside.

I made a little pocket to hold scissors and needle threaders:).  The pages are made from a soft, yummy wool.

Each page has a bit of lace for embellishment.  Isn’t it pretty?  

I found this lace as I was rummaging through my ribbon and lace scrap drawer for embellishments.  I knew it would be perfect!

I cut around the flowers and then sprayed them on the back with Scotch permanent fabric adhesive.  I did this on top of a paper towel to keep my table clean.  Then I glued them to the wool page.  Easy!!

I just loved making this SWEET little needle case!  I think I might have to make another for me:)

I hope you have a Happy Scrappy Day!

Meadow Backpack- Done!

I can’t believe I waited FOUR YEARS to make this backpack!  It is adorable!!  I can’t wait to fill it up:)

The pattern is by Sue Spargo.  She sells patterns for totes and other goodies on her website here, but I don’t think she still sells this backpack. Maybe if you email and ask, you might be able to pick one up…..I added this loop to make it easy to hang and grab.  When I make another, I will add side pockets for keys and sunglasses, etc. as well.

The inside has two large pockets.  The pack is the perfect size for a take on bag at the airport.  I can just see my iPad and a small project fitting inside.   

My daughter liked it so much that we cut one out for her to make up as well!  She is going to use it for a diaper bag.  Great idea!!

Here is a picture I took of myself in the mirror trying to show the bag.  I’m sorry for the poor quality photo, but you get the idea of how it looks on the shoulder:). Isn’t it cute?!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and following along on my creative journeys.  Life is definitely so SWEET!

Totally Awesome Embroidered Wool Backpack

Hello!  I am always happy to journal and share the projects that are bringing so much enjoyment  to my life.  This embroidered flower backpack is definitely one of those:)I have tried so many fun stitches to really amp up the appliqué here.  If you read my previous blog about this, you will remember that I am finally sewing on a Sue Spargo backpack kit that I have had for about four years.  The pattern is called Meadow Backpack and is going to look like this:

The kit did not give instructions for the fun embroidery, so I have been trying to learn new stitches from books and online.  Here is a fun candy cane stripe that makes the leaves so nice and tidy.

Isn’t that fun?!  I did finally get a hang of the bullion stitch.  Perfect? No.  But it still looks nice to me:).  I had a tricky time learning the chain with a French knot stitch.

Here is an “in a nutshell” photo explanation of how to do it:

  • 1-3 make a lazy daisy stitch
  • 4- take a small stitch right above the daisy stitch do not pull through yet
  • 5- wrap thread over the needle 
  • 6- pull through
  • 7- put needle under thread between top knot and daisy and pull through
  • 8- repeat with another daisy stitch

 It’s not too hard once you get the hang of it. It is definitely easier and quicker than the bullion stitch!

I just love how this is turning out and am excited to continue with the construction of my bag on Monday.  I hope I can finish it then.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  You really do make my day SWEET!

Meadow Backpack – Finally Starting

I am so excited to finally be working on my Meadow Backpack by Sue Spargo!  Back in 2013, I went to a Buggy Barn Quilt Show Retreat with a friend and we each bought a backpack kit.

Isn’t it so cute?!  We said we would make it together in a little while, so I put it in a box in my workroom and waited and then kind of forgot about it.

Well, due to unforeseen challenges, we were never able to get together to make the back pack.  In my cleaning extraordinare over the past few weeks, I opened the box and there sat my beautiful kit!  GIT-R DONE!!!

I started cutting and sewing and piecing.  Yea!!!  So much fun:)!

I sprayed the wool pieces on the back with temporary 505 fabric adhesive.  This made it easy  to place them on my fabric flap so I could hand sew them down.

Looking good!  Now for the fun part…. Sue Spargo type embroidery:). I have never tried most of these stitches and the pattern didn’t include them.  I am just looking at the pictures I took of some of her work back at the quilt retreat and am trying to match some of her stitches.

This is Sue Spargo’s embroidery. I took a picture of it at a retreat

Isn’t her work GORGEOUS?!!  Well, I know that I am a novice at this technique, but I am always willing to try.:). Here I go….

I am tying French knots, adding buttons and trying to learn that darn bullion stitch!

I must say that I am totally loving this embroidery adventure.  This back pack is going to be SWEET!! 

I hope you have a great weekend;)!

Embroidering my Splendid Sampler

I just love the embroidery blocks of the Splendid Sampler.  I like how I can work on them away from my sewing machine in the evenings with my family. 

  I like all of the texture and color.  I like the cute little motifs and how they come to life with a splash of color:)

For this block I added my new found coloring technique that I am using on my Salem quilt guild panels.  The coloring is so fun!  

Isn’t it just so SWEET?

Thank you for dropping by.  I hope you have a Splendid day!  –Tracy:)

Salem Quilt Guild #1

A few years back at the Buggy Barn quilt show I saw a way super fun Crabapple Hill Studio quilt that looked so amazing that I never dreamed I would be able to do anything like it. But since I have been trying my hand at embroidery with the Splendid Sampler, I decided to try the  Mystery of the Salem Quilt Guild  pattern on the Crabapple Hill website.  I ordered all of the panels and the finishing kit.

I traced, colored and heat set the fabric.  I used a large window and taped the pattern and fabric down to get it traced accurately.

Coloring was so fun!  I felt like I was back in grade school again:)

I organized all of my threads and started embroidering.  It is like a permanent fabric adult coloring book with thread.  FUN!!

I just can’t say how much I am enjoying this project.  I am excited to start panel #2 of 3.





I know I will not have this embroidered, pieced and quilted by October, but maybe by next year…

It’s all SWEET!–Tracy:)


Blossoming- The Splendid Sampler


Happy Friday!  I am finished with my Blossoming block for the Splendid Sampler. It turned out so great.  I think I like the blocks that take longer because I have spent so much time and effort on them.image

I have found that I really do enjoy embroidery. I love how it adds dimension and interest to my blocks and quilt.  I like having a small hand project to work on in the evenings while sitting with my family.

It has been fun to watch my blocks blossom, but especially to see the creativity of others.  There are so many talented people out there!

I hope you have a SWEET weekend:)



A Late Mothers Day…thats okay right?

I know that Mothers day was a week and a day ago, but I made such sweet things for the Mothers in my life that I just HAD to show them off. Even if it is late. 🙂

My first gift is a little sad. One of my friend’s Mom passed away a few weeks ago. I was so lost about what to give a grieving friend, especially when I was hurting from losing someone that had shaped my life in my younger years.

I remembered hearing someone say that she had been given a handkerchief  when her husband passed away, and I felt like that would be a thoughtful gift for my friend. Forget Me Nots were, of course, one of the first flowers that came to my mind.

This was the first time in over 10 years that I have embroidered anything. It was such a healing process. With every stitch I thought of the love I have for my friend and the memories of her and her mother.



My next gift was for my best friend in the world. We had babies around the same time and it has been a blessing to have someone to talk to and share advice, frustrations, confusions, and joys. (Of course, sometimes we just vent).

I added a boarder to these adorable flour towels that I got at Target for $4!  I copied a Pinterest photo, and had to do a little guess work to make this happen. I made a Blanket Stitch around the border of the towel. Then using my size F hook, I made a double crochet four times in one of the blanket stitches, and a single crochet in the next stitch. I made the whole pattern that way. It was very easy, and it turned out very cute!


The last gift was a joint-effort. My son and I made them for my sweet Mom and my amazing Mother in law.

Michaels was having a sale on canvas; buy 3 for the price of 1! That is why this whole craft even came to be. I bought painters tape, 4 different colors of paint, paint brushes, and the canvas. I went home with my little cutie and I taped out the word LOVE (as you see). I put different dots of different colored paint all over the canvas and let my  little artist go to town. At first he used the brushes, but by the end he decided that walking on the canvases was more exciting. It turned out to be really fun, and hopefully it made the sweet grandmas feel a lot of love from my little boy and me.

Sweetly yours,