Fantastic Bake Along Results- Rosemary Muffins!

It has been a DELICIOUS Bake Along this month! Our star baker, Brenna @ Crochet539 really shared a unique and fun Rosemary Muffin recipe:). Brenna says it is her family’s favorite muffin recipe. I can see why!

This is a Taste of Home recipe, so you know it must be good. I was intrigued with all of the unique ingredients like goat cheese, olives, and yogurt. I love all of these ingredients, so this recipe is right up my alley!

The dough was really quite easy to make. I added some shredded cheddar cheese as well. I also omitted the mustard because my husband doesn’t like it. The dough was thick and made 18 Muffins.

After the timer went off, I was bit worried that they were not cooked all of the way, but then realized it was just the shine of the melted cheese. Yum!!

They came easily out of the tins. –that’s always a worry! But no problems at all:) I brushed them with butter while they were hot and took a quick photo shoot. I was eating a savory muffin as I took these shots!😊

Oh my! My house smelled wonderful as these cooked. I’m glad this is a Bake Along, so you are smelling and tasting it too! I really liked the earthy taste of these muffins.

I was surprised at the wonderful bread like texture without using yeast. I think this dough would make a wonderful loaf of bread. I think I will try that out next week:)

Thank you for stopping by today. I am excited to head over and see how the other bakers did in their kitchen. Why don’t you come and join me?

29 thoughts on “Fantastic Bake Along Results- Rosemary Muffins!

  1. EEEEK! These look yummy, i googled and realised OH YES cheese, muffins? PERFECT. You did such an awesome job – I won’t be doing mine this weekend as my tummy is a bit under weather, so i’ll be doing them hopefully next week ❤

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      1. Oops sorry I didn’t know I needed to let you know. I’ll try to do that in the future. It actually might be tomorrow before I get to yhem

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  2. They look delicious! I’ m busy with baking a birthday cake this weekend, but I’m planning to make them as a snack for monday’s picknick I’m invited to. I hope, I will manage and will post results during the week 😊

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      1. I just finished episode 4 and what a great spin on Doctor Smith. She is complicated, caring but devious/self-serving all at the same time. I like how they are doing the flashbacks of their previous lives to give background on the current story.

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