Totally Tipster Sewing Garden

I was sewing last night and looked to my right and just had to smile at my happy view. Here is what I saw.:

I don’t know why, but my scissors looked like happy flowers tucked inside leaves of pens and seam rippers in a garden of thread. Isn’t that silly? But I really am grateful for these beautiful sewing notions.❤️

Do you have a nice way to organize a few of your most used notions? If not, you may want to try to make a Totally Tipster flower garden of your own. A pretty office organizer caddy is all you need. I got mine on sale at Michaels several years ago.

I fill my sewing flower box with scissors, seam rippers, marking pencils, sewing machine screw drivers, lint brushes, nail files, a seam turner, my glasses and more. It really is a happy box filled with things I love:)

I also like to keep plenty of pre-wound bobbins handy as I sew. I wind several white and black bobbins to keep a smile on my face when that unexpected end of bobbin invisible sewing seam happens. We”ve all been there, right?

Having my bobbins at my side and ready to go, really makes life easier when my sewing bobbin runs out. I really like my Dritz bobbin box. It holds 25 bobbins and sits on an angle inside of its own lid.

It really is a nice way to keep that black and white thread handy:). As far as my spools of thread on the wall go, I have written a whole Totally Tipster post about how to organize thread that you can read about here.

I hope you have a sewing bouquet in your sewing room. It is SWEET!

Until next time:)

10 thoughts on “Totally Tipster Sewing Garden

  1. Pretty! I have my tools on a tool pegboard I made, which hangs above my cutting table, so I can always find the right thing. Pencils, pens, markers and brushes in a huge mug which is a souvenir of one of my best vacations ever, and my stitch ripper lives full time in my pin box in front of my sewing machine, together with my small snips. That’s next to a tiny tray which holds a box of new needles, my most-used sewing machine feet, tweezers, a brush to clean the bobbin race and the wee screwdriver to remove the plate over the bobbin race. My threads and bobbins live on wooden racks rather like yours; qulting thread one side, sewing thread the other. We all have our favourite storage methods, don’t we? 🙂


  2. That was like “sewing organization porn” – ha! I love the bobbin organization and the scissors were like a bouquet! Okay now I have to go organize something in my craft space after seeing your awesome images 🙂

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  3. Hi Tracy! Such pretty colors all together. That would make me happy too. I’ve been thinking about getting a separate bobbin winder . . . although I stop to clean out my machine after every two bobbins, so maybe I would forget about doing that if I had one. I will check out the tipster! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  4. You’re the best! Your blog is a ray of sunshine. And, I love your organization. I need some of that, my sewing room is a super duper big mess at present. Perhaps I will just look at your tidy pictures and imagine, for a moment, that it is MY room…LOL

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