What Was I Thinking? – AND a Totally Tipster Tip

I am on the final stretch for my Delilah Quilt. Yay!! I have finished all of my half square pinwheels. They used so many of my little scraps. I just love them!

Now is the time to lay ALL of my finished block piles out and admire them before I have to start the crazy task of sewing them all together.

I simply adore them all EXCEPT these three…

What was I thinking!? I especially wonder at this crazy work of art!–

It looks nothing like my other soft beautiful blocks. I remember playing with color variations on this block. Ugh! Well,.. I had no choice but to get out the templates and sew three more blocks.

Whew! Now those are much, much, much better. I even enjoyed sewing the Y-seams again:)

Now I can move on and start laying them out getting ready for sewing. I like to quilt with my friends every Wednesday morning, but how in the world can I transport all of these blocks, all laid out, and in order?

Totally Tipster

I figured it out! Here is a TOTALLY TIPSTER tip that works perfectly. If you are like me, you have lots and lots of fabric in your sewing room. I have scraps and bolts just waiting for their turn to join in a project.

This tip uses a long piece of yardage, the longer the better, to make a huge, portable design board!

Lay the fabric out in the floor. Place your blocks out in the groups you want them sewn. You can even open the yardage first, place in a few layouts, fold the fabric back on top and lay out some more.

Roll the fabric up with the block pieces nicely rolled up inside. Don’t worry, it’s going to be the happiest tip you’ve ever tried!

Take your fabric roll to wherever you are going, near or far, it doesn’t matter. Lay out your rolled fabric and gently start to unroll. All of your pieces will be right where you left them anxious to be sewn together!

SWEET!! Yep, I’m on my way and almost there with this quilt. Well, really two quilts because I have enough blocks to make two quilts. I’m so excited!

Thank you for stopping by today. I would love to hear from you!! Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think:)

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