What to Do with Templates? -From a Mess to Organized!

I have loved working on my Jen Kingwell Delilah Quilt. I have made over 100 very intricate blocks that rival paper piecing, but use templates instead.

I joined a block of the month club a few years back which was absolutely wonderful. They would send me a monthly pattern along with pieces of fabric and templates to make a block.

I am happy to say that I finished all of the blocks, but being the over ambitious quilter that I am, I have decided to make my quilt twice the size of the original pattern. I need to make several more blocks to really finish the quilt.

I opened up my box to get the needed templates, and this is what I ended up with. Ugh!

Look at all of those templates all mixed together. The numbers are small, and a bit tricky to read as well. Enough already! I spent a lot of money on these templates. It is time to organize these so I can actually use them again now, and in future projects.

I took out a scrap of cream fabric that I have had in the cupboard and started cutting.

  • Here is what I did–
    • Fold the fabric back on itself
    • Lay the templates for the block on top of the fabric
    • Cut the fabric leaving about 1.5″ on the top opposite from the fold and about .5″ on each side.

    • Sew the edges down .25″ on each side
    • Turn the piece over
    • Fold one edge back on its self about 1.5″
    • The WRONG side of the sewn edge will be facing up where you just folded.
    • Fold the opposite edge over to the side you just folded.
    • The edges should be even and match with the 1.5″ fold sandwiched inside.
    • Sew down both sides of the little pouch making sue to back stitch at the top and bottom.
    • Turn the pouch inside out.
    • Flip the pouch flap over as well. EASY!!

    I then took a marker and wrote the actual block name, the size, and what templates were in my pouch.

    My templates are all nestled inside very neatly. They look so pretty to me in their new little pouch!

    I turned the flap over to keep all of the templates from falling out and put them in a little box with the other pouches filled with templates.

    I was able to sew up these little pouches in no time at all. Really, it took about an hour and I had all of these done. It took longer just trying to find the actual templates for each block than it did to sew the pouch.

    Oh, I just LOVE my nicely organized box of Delilah templates! They are easy to identify, and I know that I will actually USE them now:)

    I’m not sure if I will keep them in this box or not, but until I decide on something else, this little box is just perfect.

    I hope I have inspired you to try your hand at making a few quick little pouches to organize an item or two in your sewing room. Do you have a stack of templates, or packets of needles, or how about rotary blade packs?

    I would love to hear from you! Let me know what you store in your new little pouches:)!

    22 thoughts on “What to Do with Templates? -From a Mess to Organized!

      1. Thank you Sharon! I think necessity really does inspire. I usually resort to zip bags, but these templates were so bright and clear that a quick little pouch was the right answer. I’m so glad you dropped by;). Have a wonder day!!


    1. I thread templates and bias binding makers onto string, with a brown card label saying what they’re for and what size. The string loop lets me hang them on my ruler pegboard. Your solution is lovely and tidy, put away neatly in a box.

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    2. I like the pouch idea Tracy! I keep all of my larger templates/rulers organized on a peg board, but my smaller ones could use a little love in the organizing department 🙂 I keep them in a plastic container — in my previous life I was an accountant and used Excel for everything. All of my fabric and other supplies are stored in containers and I have a spreadsheet listing everything and their location — I can find things easily but not nearly as cute as yours♥♥

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    3. Hi Tracy! WOWEE! That is a LOT of templates. And what a fabulous quilt top they make. Of course you had to make your piece bigger. Bigger is better, right?! I love how you organized these templates – you will be able to go to the right one next time with little thought. Great job! ~smile~ Roseanne

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    4. That is a great organizational tip! Those templates are so useful in making the quilt but it is easy to forget what each part and piece is for.


    5. So many templates and a perfect solution for finding them. Writing the block name and numbers on the bag is a great idea too, it will hopefully help you recall what the block looks like, when you are shopping for the block you want!

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    6. Well, now, that’s an idea that can be used for many kinds of templates. Thanks for the quick tutorial on what you did.


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