Witchy Blog Hop Salem Quilt Guild Reveal

I can’t believe it, but after three years of on and off stitching , my embroidered witches have finally all made it to the witch party! I feel like I know each and every member of the guild and they are my friends:)

I love the parade of quilters with their stoic leader and the witch with the pumpkin full of delicious goodies.

I want to join in the gossip and save the the witch who was turned into a frog!

I might even treat myself to a taste of eyeball punch:).

When class time rolls around, I would really like to learn that unsewing spell! Bippity boppity boo is all I need, well, maybe a magic wand might help as well.

My two year old grandson came by the other day and LOVED hunting for items like finding all of the cats. I didn’t realize this was going to be an I Spy Quilt, but it is purr-fect for hide and seek:)

Ok, for those of you stopping by for the first time, this quilt comes from a pattern by Meg @ Crabapplehillstudio called Mystery at the Salem Quilt Guild. It has been an adventure in color, embroidery, patience and quilting. It is worth every stitch!

The pattern called for a bright colored border, but I calmed it down so the witches could take center stage. I’m so glad I did.

I tried my hand at free motion quilting. I have learned that I really like adding feathers and pebbles around my quilts.

I think witches are elegant creatures who deserve fancy feathers and spider webs, don’t you?

I am so thankful to Carol @ Just Let Me Quilt for organizing this Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop. Really, I’m not sure my witch party would have been finished this year without the deadline. Thank you Carol!

Be sure to head over to the other bloggers today to enjoy the hop party!

October 10


Homespun Hannah’s Blog


Cynthia’s Creating Ark

It’s A T-Sweet Day!that’s me!!

Count it *all* JOY!

Bethni L. – Hosted at Just Let Me Quilt

And just to say thank you for stopping by today, I want to GIVE AWAY this brand new panel #2 pattern to one lucky winner –SWEET!!

  • There are four ways to enter-
    1. Comment here and tell me Which Witch you are at the party-
      Follow me here on my blog
      Follow me on Instagram @itsatsweetsday
      Share this post with a friend via email or, Facebook

    Just let me know in your comment how many entries you have. Quilters are such wonderful people. I trust you:). The “DEAD-line” will be this Saturday.

    Which Witch?

    I think I am the “S” witch with my hand up in class. I am always anxious to learn new things, But I might be the “F” witch who accidentally turned her friend into a frog as well . I make a lot of mistakes lol!

    Happy Halloween and enjoy the hop!!

    113 thoughts on “Witchy Blog Hop Salem Quilt Guild Reveal

    1. Absolutely love your quilt! It is a true labor of love. I think you made the right choice of making the surroundings blocks subdued and let the witches shine. You wouldn’t want to anger them and be turned into a toad!! Thanks so much for the giveaway. I would definitely be “I” sampling the goodies at the dessert table. I have done 3 entries.


    2. Wow! What an amazing quilt! Definitely worth every stitch and finished just in time for Halloween.
      For the competition I’m O – just about sums me up; I’m always talking, close to the food and with a cake in my hand.
      I’m already following your blog and just followed you on instagram.
      Well done on the quilt again. It truly is fab.


    3. stunning!
      you must be so pleased with this piece, Tracy! It’s a work of art and there’s so much detail to draw the eye . . . and I Spy Quilt indeed lol.
      I don’t want to join in the the generous giveaway, as I know I wouldn’t do the embroidery BUT just for fun, if I were one of the witches I would be S. Very studious, raising my hand to ask a question lol.


    4. I am definitely a “Stitching Spells” witch–as I love words and reading..this is an amazing finish! I have looked at this pattern for a long time –your coloration came out beautifully ..thanks for the chance hugs, Julierose


    5. OMG! What a work of art! I’ve made two other quilt patterns of Meg’s so I know how much work these are to make. I’ve not done one using coloring so I would love to win this one. So, I’m considering myself as witch “H”. Why? Because I feel I’ve been on the move now for over a year with our house for sale and all the pre-moving which goes along with a move/sale. I follow you already on your blog, plus I’m a new IG follower. Thanks for the opportunity to play along in your giveaway. Beautiful!!


    6. OMG! What a work of art! I’ve made two other quilt patterns of Meg’s so I know how much work these are to make. I’ve not done one using coloring so I would love to win this one. So, I’m considering myself as witch “H”. Why? Because I feel I’ve been on the move now for over a year with our house for sale and all the pre-moving which goes along with a move/sale. I follow you already on your blog, plus I’m a new IG follower. Thanks for the opportunity to play along in your giveaway. Beautiful!!

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      1. Hello, Hello! I am so glad you stopped by today:) I can totally see why you chose the witch with the wagon. I hope you get into your new house soon. Living out of boxes can be very frustrating. — Thank you for following along. I have you down for 3 entries. Yea!! — Tracy:)

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    7. Hi Tracy! This is such a fabulous piece and it is just perfect for this blog hop. I keep showing this to Sue, asking her if she wouldn’t like to get our piece(s) going. It hasn’t happened yet, but it will someday. Hopefully. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    8. Wow, wow, wow…this is incredible, Tracy! I feel like your grandson looking around for all the different things to spy. The details in this are so fun and obviously, a ton of work. You really rocked the whole Witchy Stitchy theme on this one! I think I’m “I” because I’d either be the one organizing how the food looked or the one snatching a treat. Thank you for sharing this amazing work of art with us!

      Liked by 1 person

    9. It’s “spell binding” Tracy! Love that its an eye spy for your grandson too, lol. As for the witch I’d most likely be, it’s probably the one that had the hat as I’m on the road so much with the grand children’s sporting/school events and the husband’s Drs appt. A “Here I am and then… POOF I’m off” kind of life style!

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    10. What fun to share with your grandson. Your quilt is awesome. Love the colors in your border and your quilting. I would be “D”, bringing Halloween décor to share.

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      1. Hi Denise! This finish is one of those that calls for a big reveal. I was very happy for the blog hop at just the right time. And every witches party needs their leader who holds everyone to task. That can be you!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! — Tracy:)


    11. Wow! It’s wonderful, I think your border is just perfect.I won’t enter the competition as I’ve enough things waiting to be made, but I think I’d be O, having a good chat and a cake with my best friend 🙂

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    12. H cemented it for me when I saw her boobs, lol – but don’t put me in the running for the contest 🙂 Your quilt is spooktacular! I love that you changed the border color from bold to the subdued black/grey – It was the perfect choice Tracy. This is a contest winner for sure. Love the free motion quilting you did too. Congrats on this long awaited finish ~ Sharon

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    13. Absolutely spooktacular. I have seen the pattern, and have the fabric line, but have hesitated. Seeing it in all its glory makes me think I should get the pattern. Thanks for the inspiration.
      I am definitely an H witch, pulling along my pampered feline. Yes, my kitties sit on the fabric piles whenever the tote lids are off. And I love fresh flowers.
      Thank you for the chance to in. I have one entry.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi KJ! I am so excited for you to start your own quilt guild adventure. You are going to love it! I just kept mine by my bedside for evening sewing. It somehow all gets done, one stitch at a time. Your cats will be the star of the show. You may even color them to match lol! — Tracy


    14. Oh how cute your quilt is! I would be the witch at the very end, teaching how to do the spells. I love to teach all sorts of things! I have 3 entries. Thanks for sharing the great giveaway too!

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    15. A post about this quilt was one of the first posts I ever saw of yours. The coloring amazed me then and it still does today! The muted border is perfect, and the wall hanging is a wealth of eye candy in color and design. We don’t do Halloween at my house, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the beautiful art you have created!

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    16. Oh. My. Gosh. This is SO cute!! I love Crabapple designs and this one is no exception. You’ve done a marvelous job on it!!! I believe I’d be witch D (as in for Denise), because she’s carrying a pumpkin, which seems like something I’d be carrying!! Plus she has purply-blue hair, which I’d love, and she’s also carrying a bag full of fabric, which I also LOVE! 😉 I follow you on IG and your blog, too! And I shared it via email to several friends (and family members) so they could see your darlingly bewitching party! Count me in for four entries!! Happy hopping!! 🙂

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    17. Love every single stitch!!! You did a fantastic job. Unfortunately I am Witch I, always the first to the snacks! I could conceivably be witch R or S, always looking for short cuts! I am trying to do 3 entries, just have to figure out how to follow your blog. Thanks for the chance to win, this would be gifted to my daughter who is steadily working on part one. Happy Halloween!

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    18. Your quilt is amazing!! I am an H, all the way!!! New follower here and I just had to tweet about this post and your fab quilt! Stalking you on instagram too!

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    19. Hi, Tracy! Your quilt is fabulous in every way! Changing the colors of the borders really made a difference and your quilting is wonderful! I would identify as “Q” the teacher because I taught at a shop for a number of years and now just love to teach techniques to my friends if they need a bit of help. Please do not enter me in the drawing as I already have all 3 panels and will be embarking on this fun journey soon. I can only hope that my witches will turn out as wonderful as yours did. So glad to be following your blog.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello Eileen! Sharing our quilting knowledge is what keeps the art alive. Thank you so much! I hope you will share your progress on Instagram. I just love watching how others stitch up their party. Thank you for dropping by and good luck with your adventure!! — Tracy:)


    20. This is absolutely gorgeous!! I’m all about tasting all the goodies – so I would definitely be ‘I’! 😀
      Count me in for 4 entires: commenting; following on blog and IG and also sharing on Facebook.
      Thanks for sharing the giveaway!! Happy hopping!!


    21. Wonderful job on this project!! Have loved Crabapple Hill patterns for a long time. They always have such cute ideas. I guess I would choose the B witchy as she has her pockets and arms full of stuff. She also has a bag full of interesting things and pink hair which is one of my favorite colors. {following your blog}


    22. I am so in love with this quilt! Can’t wait to finish the Crabapple Hill pattern I’m working on to get started on this. Which witch? Definitely D because I always bring snacks! Put me down for two entries.


    23. I am absolutely the witch holding the cupcake and telling her friend something she’s surprised to hear! 2 entries for me please and thank you for sharing your progress on this project, it’s been delightful to watch it evolve.


    24. OMG!!!!! I’ve been admiring Crabapple Hill’s, The Salem Witches Quilt Guild embriodery patterns from went I first saw them. To complete the whole embriodery, quilting and finishing it you really rock! It must have been a labor of love. It’s perfect, everything about it is perfect. I wish I was confident and dedicated enough to tackle all that embriodery, I know I definitely couldn’t free motion quilt it. This is my favorite holiday and time of the year. I’ve been loving this blog hop but your beautifully finished Witchy Quilt really blew me away. I feel like a babbling idiot, but to complete something with so much time and work into it I would be afraid to let anyone touch it.


    25. Oh my goodness you knocked it out of the ballpark. I love this! I say I’m wit h D, but the family would likely tell you it’s H, with all the fabric and quilts I tote around😂


    26. I am in love with this witchy piece! I love Halloween, my Son and His wife actually got married on that day! I am definitely Witch D, my band starts with D and she’s carrying lots of treats! My kind of girl


    27. I could look at this quilt ALL DAY. The first time I saw it made me want to run out and get the pattern. I have delayed in purchasing it while trying to finish up a few christmas projects so the giveaway is well timed. 🙂

      I would either be D (loaded down with goodies) or I (stuffing my belly with goodies). It looks like tou had an absolute ball free motion quilting this. I love all the different designs you used and I agree that the subdued border helps the witches really shine.

      Love, love, love this!

      (4 entries for me, please. Your IG may have been where I first saw this pattern. At that time I didn’t realize you had a blog.)


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