A Thailand Quilt Begins

With the beginning of the New Year, we all seem to be looking at our unfinished projects and setting goals to get a few of them done this year. I am right along with you!

I could write a list of the quilting hopefuls for this year, but instead I will just move ahead and start with the ones taking space on my counter. The first of these is a very quick and easy quilt that I am excited to start.

Last year we went to Thailand, and of course, I had to buy some beautiful, bright fabric. I am still in love!

These are wraps that I bought for around $5.00 each. Aren’t they just beautiful? My friend fell in love with the fabric too so I will be making two throws of whatever size they end up.

I have been planning and looking for inspiration all year as to what design to make. Finally, I remembered seeing a diamond type quilt at a local quilt show a few years back that I know I can easily throw together in no time at all. No pattern needed.

I used this diamond ruler that I bought a few months ago. It is absolutely perfect!

I cut a three 5 1/2″ strips from each of my beautiful fabrics . And then used my diamond ruler to cut about 130 perfect 60 degree diamonds in no time at all. I’m sure I could have used the 60 degree line on my regular ruler as well.

Ahh…the joy of newly cut, perfect stacks of fabric:)!

I then cut a bunch of 1 3/4″ strips from the rest of the fabric. I wasn’t sure how many strips I would need, so I made sure to leave some extra fabric to cut more just in case.

Now the sewing fun begins!

It was a bit tricky learning how to strip sew the diamonds to the long 1 3/4″ strips. The angle made it feel awkward. But after a little trial and error, it really wasn’t hard at all.

I sewed six diamonds of each color to one strip at a time and then pressed and trimmed them.

I did the same to the opposite side.

And I finally sewed the opposite two sides with a final bordering strip. Easy! I am so happy with my bordered diamonds. Hey!- that would be a great name for this quilt.. “Bordered Diamonds”

And that about does it for me tonight. I am sure that I can have this quilt finished next week or the week after. My sewing room is going to be so happy for the extra space:)

Until next time, I hope you have a simply wonderful and SWEET day!

24 thoughts on “A Thailand Quilt Begins

  1. Hi Tracy! Oooh-la-la! Those fabrics and colors are just SO representative of Thailand. It screams it from every fiber. What a wonderful quilt this will make and the fond memories of your trip you will recall each time you see it. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Thank you Roseanne! It is definitely fun to be basking in the memories and colors while cutting and sewing. You totally nailed it when you said “screamed”. With a pallet like this, the quilt is definitely screaming “look at me!!- I’m hot!!” In a swanky cool way;)!❤️❤️

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  2. Tracy 🙂 LOL if you saw my email cancel cancel ~ I figured it out, just call me comment challenged with a senior moment this morning. Love the fabrics and I think the pattern you choose to use will be perfect. Large enough to really show off how spectacular the pattern and colors are. Excited for your next posting ~ Sharon

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  3. These fabrics are gorgeous and the bordered diamonds is the perfect way to set them. I look forward to seeing your progress. I have some fabric that would look good in this kind of a setting. I also like the idea of just working on the next project instead of trying to create goals. That works better for me too.

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    1. Hi Shasta! We sound like kindred spirits:). There is something about just finishing that project right in front of you that has been pushed to the side for a while. It makes the room feel so much lighter. —I hope this project will inspire you to try the Bordered Diamonds for your bright fabric. I will post a tutorial on strip sewing the diamonds later this week. I’m so glad you stopped by! I hope you have a wonderful day!😊❤️


  4. I love the fabric and your bordered diamonds. My sister is going to Thailand next week. I sent the my sister the link to your blog. She is planning on bringing back fabric for both of us. Then we can make Thailand quilts. You have my mind spinning with your beautiful fabrics and all of the options!

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  5. They ARE beautiful fabrics and bright colors. It will be such a happy throw. I think you would have been fine with the regular ruler markings, but the ruler would have constantly been in the way, and probably much flipping back and forth. This shape one was probably much faster and easier. Bordered Diamonds it is! I look forward to seeing more.


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