Simple Folk is Not So Simple

Good Friday Afternoon to you! Well, I am ALMOST finished with my Simple Folk quilt. With a name like that you would think it was a simple little quilt that just stitched right up. … Nope!

I have been working on this quilt for over 2 years and pretty regularly too. It has been a fun adventure in appliqué and tight piecing, but right when I THOUGHT I was finished, I laid it out and UGH! -One block stood out like a sore thumb! — the red back ground in the bottom of the picture.

I didn’t like it so much that I “unsewed” the block out of my my finished top and then hand picked all of the appliqué off.

I then reappliqued to a new background with no white. Ahhh—- much better and worth it!

Whew! The picture below really doesn’t do justice to the amount of difference this new background makes, but believe me, it is a HUGE difference. Finally I am ready for the final quilting. Yea!!

The next time I post about this quilt it should be in a happy little photo shoot. It will be “simply” the best!

Until next time I hope you have a wonderfully SWEET day!