The Salem Quilt Guild is Back in Session!

It is almost October and it is time to pull out my Salem Quilt Guild and FINALLY finish it! It was last year at this time that I had all of my embroidered panels almost done.

I finished them in October and neatly folded them up and promised that I would take them out next year and finish the quilt, Well, next year is here and I am FINISHING! Yea:)!

I pulled out my panels and started sewing the pieced borders.

The pattern in the picture above is the “original” way that Meg at Crabapple Hill suggests to finish the quilt. I think the border upstages the soft hand work of the witches, don’t you?

Well, it’s all a matter of preference. I am choosing to soften my outer border to match the inner border. I hope it looks Halloweenish enough…

I cut ALL of my border blocks out at once so I could have a sit and stitch session and get them all sewn in one morning.

I layered each set of blocks on a page of my portable design board book for ease of travel to my sewing group. I have five pages in my design book , but I could really use twice that! I used my individual boards as well.

It was sew easy to just continuously stitch away on the blocks. I got all 50 blocks done in just a few hours of visiting and sewing:)

Thank you design board!! I haven’t made a tutorial on how to make the design book yet, but I definitely need another book, so I will post a “how to” tutorial in the near future. In the meantime, I have a tutorial on ” How to Make a design Board and Why You Need One” here.

I think I am going to LOVE the lighter colored borders.

I am going to add a gray/black border and then my second pieced border. I may add a few orange buttons at the end. We shall see:).

Thank you for stopping by today. The next time I post about this quilt it should be quilted and ready for its long awaited photo shoot. Yea!!

Until then, It’s a T-Sweets Day!!