Granny Square Skirt Done!

Oh, oh, oh!  I just love it when I finish a project and I like it even better than my imagination thought I would:). This granny skirt is definitely one of those!I finished crocheting last night, sewed the top on this afternoon, and immediately stepped into it for a photo shoot.  I can’t wait for Sunday:)!  In fact, I am going to a funeral tomorrow and will have to wear it, no waiting here!

I did get a slight variation of yarn color when I re-ordered more thread ,as you can see in the photo, but happy mistakes made this pretty ombré effect.
I like how the grannies give a slight peek a boo, but still keep things modest.  

I made this skirt from an inspiration photo that you can find here. I did not follow the instructions at all.  I just started sewing grannies, connected them to the lengths I wanted and sewed them together.  The main skirt I crocheted in a continuous round only crocheting in the back loops to get a textured look.  I decreased stitches at the top to have it taper in at the waist.  I sewed some stretch black fabric to the top and added some elastic.  That’s it!  

I, of course, had to have a photo shoot in my new granny skirt.  Here are a few more pictures:
Thank you for dropping by my blog and following along on my creative journeys.  Life is just so so SWEET!