Delilah Has Arrived Amongst Spring Flowers!

I am so excited to say that my Jen Kingwell Delilah Template and Block of the Month finally came in.  Yea!  The templates are this fun bright orange and are very easy to use.  I am joining in the fun through Suzie Q Quilt Shop.  I love the fabrics they sent.  I was so excited that I started cutting right away.   My first two blocks, called Rising Sun, are finished:)Aren’t they pretty?  They remind me of these beautiful wild flowers I picked today while I was out driving about.   The road was a blaze with them.  I couldn’t help myself.  I had to stop and gather some:)Really, these little flowers are a brilliant magenta.  The camera is not over exposing them.  They are that bright!  What a beautiful world we live in:)

Well, enough of my nature exploring tangent.  Back to my colorful Delilah block….Some people are sewing this block by hand, but I found it very doable on my sewing machine.  I cut out my fabric using my new handy templates, and then pressed a fold line down the center of each piece.

I stacked my pieces together in groups so I wouldn’t get lost during sewing.  Each group has three small arcs and three large square arcs.

It really isnt as hard as it looks or sounds to sew a curved seam.  I just started at one end and manipulated the fabric as I went, making sure that the fold lines matched up and the end pieces overlapped about the 1/4″.  

I just lined the groups all up and chain stitched away.  No problems here!

The end result is a bunch of very pretty curved blocks.  Now that wasn’t hard:)

I laid out all of my blocks in the specified pattern that Jen designed and laid them by my sewing machine to sew them all together.

I like to sew one row at a time so I don’t get lost. This one has the blocks set on point, so I sewed them in diagonal rows.

I am all finished with Delilah for his month.  I am excited to see what next month will bring:). I am so going to keep on top of this one.  I don’t want to get behind like I did on my Splendid  Sampler.  It is only one block a month instead of two a week.  I can do this!

Thank you for stopping by.  Have a super SWEET Day!