Dear Daughter Quilt FINISHED!!

Oh my, oh my!  I am so happy to say this quilt is finished:) Yea!! Yea!!  It has been a labor of love to be sure.When  I first saw this Block of the Month advertised by Rebecca Mae Designs, I absolutely knew that I had to make one for my Dear  Daughter.  I have loved each and every chapter.  I spent my time sewing and thinking of my daughter.

I think my favorite chapter is the center.  One wild and precious life.  She is so precious to me.

Bur I really like the Nourish Faith chapter as well. Those corner flowers are so great!
I spent a very long time quilting this beauty.  It was a lot of free motion mixed with some fun motifs.I love the hearts and flowers:) Aren’t they pretty?

Here is my quilt getting ready to be trimmed for binding.  

I trimmed and then serged the edges to keep things all neat and stable while sewing the binding on.

I used my favorite  binding method to get these fantastic mitered edges and beautiful invisible front stitching.
I added a label to the back that I printed out on my computer.  I will make a blog post on how to do this soon…

And done!  And none too soon because my  dear daughter’s birthday is tomorrow!  She is going to LOVE it:)
Thank you for following along on my Dear Daughter journey.  It has been a SWEET adventure!

18 thoughts on “Dear Daughter Quilt FINISHED!!

  1. The quilt is great! Your quilting just makes the design, one I’ve liked since I first saw it. No need to like the comment. I’ll just presume you do. LOL


  2. Your posts inspired me so purchased Dear Daughter pattern through Craftsy.Completed it about a month ago and presented it to my 12yr old granddaughter on her birthday.She absolutely loved it and was thrilled with the lovely “messages” on it.
    Thanks again for your inspiration

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  3. Hi Tracy. I am currently making this quilt for my daughter. She is 26 years old…as I am making it, I began to wonder if this quilt is too young for her? Just wondering what your thoughts are??
    Thank you,

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  4. Okay, great…I am a new sewer and quilter and it’s a great pattern. I changed a few things up, but not much since it is an amazing quilt. Appreciate your reply, Tracy. Happy New Year!!!

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